The Reaction: Lebron Fans Feeling The Aftermath Of His Defection

Stephen RosenbergContributor IJuly 29, 2010

Am I a fan of Lebron leaving Cleveland to form a super-team so early in his career? No. Am I going to burn jerseys and issue ridiculous letters (Dan Gilbert) proclaiming to still be better than Lebron? No.

Maybe it's because I'm not a Cleveland fan, maybe because I realize that the game is still exactly that. A game.

Apparently it has become a lot more than that to the city of Cleveland.

But at what point do we draw the line? When people start getting hurt or killed?

Sourcing from yardbarker, a fan entered Jacob's field last night hoping to enjoy the Indians game. His offense? Wearing a brand-new $80-$120 Lebron James Miami Heat jersey. Sure, the guy knew what he was doing, but isn't a little razzing of one side or another accepted now a days?

The fan was instantly booed as he and his girlfriend (who was wearing an Indians shirt) made their way to their seats. Not even 30 seconds later, all the fans surrounding him moved to single him out, and make way for the sudden chucking of beer cups, hot dogs, snacks, and whatever else people pay too much money for at baseball games. After about five minutes of this, police escorts arrived and decided it would be best to eject the fan and his girlfriend. On the way out, threats were made to the man, and his girlfriend was pushed down and stepped on by rabid Cleveland fans.

When do we decide when we're taking the game too far? When fans (kids) are bringing Kobe/rape and Kidd/domestic abuse signs to ball games? When we're burning jerseys and dumpsters in the street? When we're knocking down women because their boyfriends are wearing a certain player's jersey? What exactly is it coming to?

The Cleveland fans gave the police a standing ovation after escorting the two Lebronites out the doors. Would they have still been clapping if the woman had hit her head on the concrete steps and died?

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I really can't say for sure that they wouldn't.