Heat Joke: Why Kobe Bryant Hasn't Spoken On LeBron James & His Sidekicks

Bhemis ParksAnalyst IJuly 27, 2010

We are 18 days removed from the Miami Heat organization pulling off the NBA version of a Royal Flush. Yet, still the chatter of doubters and disbelievers ring louder and louder by the day.

This kind of blind hatred that has developed from this unprecedented moment in free agency history is nothing short of ridiculous and apparently everyone has their two cents to add.


I’ve darn near lost count with all the players, general managers, team presidents, ex-players, ex-girl friends of players, and so on. Seriously, this is borderline asinine behavior.

Lets run down the list of a few to offer up their opinions.

Stephen Jackson commented as if his team didn’t just get swept in theses past playoffs. Never mind the fact that his club got rid of two of the teams top five players. Does he really think his squad will challenge the Heat? Still, we should respect his opinion?

John Wall fresh out of NBA boot camp, also commented. Someone forgot to remind him that his club only won 26 games and many of those came with Caron Butler, Brendan Haywood and Antawn Jamison on the roster. They aren’t apart of the Wizard organization any longer and he’s currently the only roster up-grade. Maybe he’ll lift them to elite status next season?

Rajon Rondo commented this past week as if his Celtics didn’t struggle containing Ron Artest of all people this past NBA Finals. Never mind Wade shot 55% versus them in their first round match-up while averaging 33 points per game. Does he really think people believe he thinks they can handle Dwyane Wade and LeBron James at the same time? Maybe Rondo will become as good as a shooter as Derek Fisher?

Derrick Rose is running his mouth as if he isn’t 6-2 versus the Heat these past two season, and now he’s running round with a roster that isn’t even as talented as the Utah Jazz of a year ago. 

Speaking of the Utah Jazz, I had no idea that they had moved their club to Chicago. Never the less, maybe Rose thinks he’s twice the player that Deron Williams is. I mean he does have that guys entire roster with him, and thinks it is good enough to compete for a title.

And we all heard what three of the greatest of all-time had to say. If you don’t know who I’m speaking of, allow me to remind you. Their names are Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Charles ”ringless” Barkley.

Yet their remains one person who could calm this idiotic rhetoric that’s in every major headline or he could be the fuel that sets this fire to an eternal blaze.

Who is this cape crusader that I speak of?

Well none other than the “fallen son,” the “second coming of Air Jordan,” the greatest…yada, yada, yada! You know who I’m talking about, one Kobe Bryant.

Make no mistake. The moment he decides to comment on the decision of the Heat trio, the media will air it as the re-birth of Jesus Christ, again.

They will hold on to his words as if he was the Pope himself. I can just picture Chris Broussard of ESPN hosting a one hour special called “The Comment.” It’ll probably even be sponsored by Nike or McDonalds. We all know how they jump on whatever is popular.

Speaking of Nike, when the heck are they gonna get those puppets together to do a DECISION skit, or are they being held captive in Cleveland? I’d bet my Big Mac that they are.

Anyway, back to Kobe.

So just where is the NBA newest poster child for loyalty and honor? Rumors are that, he’s in Afghanistan recruiting a team to put a stop to the three terrorist that are currently posing as Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh…nah, I kid. Word is he’s resting and preparing for all the questions on how the hell did he get out played by Dwyane Wade in a Finals setting…I don’t kid.

Kobe does not want to see this guy lead a team to the Finals.

All jokes aside for a second. Who's the one player that if Kobe had a chance to avoid facing in an NBA Finals, he would happily pass?

Is it LeBron James ?

James is 8-5 versus Kobe in 13 career games, however, James shoots just 43% from the field, 24% from deep and 69% from the charity stripe. He also is averaging just 27.5 points per game and 7.1 assist per game.

For the longest time, LeBron James has raved about how he thought Kobe Bryant was the best in the game, and how he wanted to be like him. With that said, it's safe to say Kobe Bryant doesn't fear LeBron James.

So is it Dwyane Wade who Kobe doesn’t necessarily fear, but sure as heck doesn’t want to meet in the Finals??? Kobe and Dwyane Wade are 7-6 in head to head match-ups, with Kobe holding the edge.

Do keep in mind that a lost for Wade came as a rookie, two more came in his injury plagued season of 2007-08 when the Heat won 15 games, and another came on a miracle shot this past season. Wade could easily be 9-4 versus Kobe had he been the one with the favorable conditions.

Wade shoots 44% from the floor, 32% from deep, and 78% from the line against Kobe.  Keep in mind that Wade was 13/34 (38%) in 2007-08 when he went up against Kobe with a bum shoulder and knee.

You take that game away and you have a Dwyane Wade whose 101/225 versus Kobe Bryant. That’s a percentage of 45% from the floor.

This is what Wade has done without a respectable two option. Now you give him Chris Bosh and LeBron James! Suddenly, those 26.5 points, 7.2 assist, 1.9 steals, and 1.4 blocks per game look very threatening to Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.

However, that isn’t what Kobe worries over the most. He knows how he struggled versus those Detroit teams in the early half of the decade and he saw how Wade destroyed their defenses for two consecutive seasons.

Kobe knows that Dwyane Wade has another gear come playoff time. He watched the game film of how Wade attacked Boston and made play after play till he finished the series averaging 33.2 points per game on 56.4% shooting from the floor and 40.5% from deep. He even dished out 6.8 assist per contest.

Kobe knows that Wade has played 66 career playoff games and managed to shoot at least 45% in 34 of those games. That’s a rate of 51% of the time.

What’s even crazier is the fact that he’s shot 50% or higher in 31 of those games, that tells Kobe that Wade has an incredible ability to focus in difficult situations. Kobe is nowhere near the success rate as Wade is in regards to playoff statistics.

Wade has played in 10 playoff series in his career, five of which he has shot better than 50% for the series. He shot 61% versus the Detroit Pistons in the 2006 Eastern Conference Finals as a third year pro. No one remembers that because he was two busy dominating the Dallas Mavericks for four consecutive games.

Wade career playoff numbers trump Kobe in ever way possible.

Minutes per game : 40.9 to 39.4

Points per game : 26.3 to 25.5

Field Goal Percentage : 48.2 to 44.8

Three Point Percentage : 34.7 to 33.7

Free-throw Percentage : 79.3 to 81.5

Assist per game : 6.8 to 4.8

Rebounds per game : 5.3 to 5.2

Steals per game : 1.6 to 1.4

Blocks per game : 1.0 to 0.7

Turnovers per game : 4.2 to 2.9

So as you can see, Kobe doesn’t want any parts of Dwyane Wade, not now that he’s on equal footing. That’s never been his style, and it’s why he hasn’t opened his mouth.

He’s a smart man and exceptional ballplayer, but he also was apart of the 2008 Olympic team. He is fully aware of what a fueled up Dwyane Wade can do.

He witnessed it when Wade out played everyone at this past All-Star game.

So the rest of the world can continue to be blind to the greatness of Dwyane Wade, but Kobe isn’t, and chances are he’ll keep his mouth closed on the subject.

He isn’t brave enough to give Wade and his newly formed band of terror any ammunition to open fire on him and his Lakers. Trust me, Kobe will wait to test the waters when these clubs first meet before he jumps on the bandwagon of haters.

By then, it might already be too late.

The Heat are gaining momentum, Wade is angry at the criticism of his good buddy James, and I have no doubt that he will keep James focused all season.

So there you have it. Kobe the great is looking for his next big escape, to bad Dwyane Wade just pulled the wool from beneath him.


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