Chris Paul and Isiah Thomas a Package Deal? New York Meets With Isiah

Benny VargasAnalyst IJuly 23, 2010

It seems as though Isiah Thomas has leverage regarding where CP3 plays next season.

Dan LeBatard announced on his radio show that a rumor is swirling which indicates that Paul would ask for a trade to the New York Knicks if Isiah is brought back.

It is being reported that Isiah met today with the Knick's front office personnel in Ocean City, New Jersey.

If accurate then Donnie Walsh and James Dolan have one heck of a decision.

For starters, would Isiah be coming back as a coach, general manger, or both?

Another issue is how will this be received by the New York fan base, many of whom blame Thomas for the teams dreadful track record the last 10 years.

This is actually hilarious if it's true. Just as New York was starting to erase the countless personnel and contract mistakes done by Isiah they might bring him back.

It's like getting food poisoning from a restaurant then after spending three days vomiting and not eating, you finally feel better and decide to go back to the same restaurant for dinner.

The fact that the two parties are even meeting has to indicate that Isiah can deliver Paul.

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The scenario, if it's true will definitely be a bitter pill for the Knick fan base to have to swallow. They need and want Paul but at the price of Isiah coming back too?

Then there's also the Raymond Felton factor. New York just signed a point guard this off season and if Paul is obtained then you would have a good chunk of your cap space on a back up that will probably see very limited time.

Ultimately the thought of landing Paul will be much too intoxicating. Especially since it would be a strong move toward persuading Carmelo Anthony to join the Knicks next off season.

The Knicks may very well be on the verge of forming their own "Big Three". This would be great for the league, at least in regards to renewing a Miami Heat versus Knicks rivalry. Same can be said for New York and the Boston Celtics.

Walsh has to be salivating to get Paul. It would solidify his team as a contender and serve as a punch in the gut to the New Jersey Nets who were trying to grab a big chunk of the New York market over the next three years.

CP3 and Amare' Stoudemire would be a potent one-two punch. It would also signify a revival of a franchise that has had its share of struggles on the court for the past decade.

Isiah back in New York. Who would of thunk it?.