Blazers Still Trying To Move Fernandez?

Del ChocContributor IIJuly 21, 2010


This is how you tip the scale favorably for a postlude: acquire Fernandez. His offensive attack makes for a balanced rotation at the two, precisely complementing Brewer's defensive mindset.

Also, you can never have enough players who can create their own shot, which is an element lacking so noticeably outside of Rose and Brewer.

POR: Calderon, J. Johnson

The coaches in Portland have rarely raved about Bayless since acquiring him in a 2008 Draft night trade. You know how it goes: 'I haven't proven anything, but irrespective of what you think, I'm taking the last shot.'

Which is good—albeit on a younger team. Throwing their attention to Calderon, who's much younger than Andre Miller, pipes an analysis which figures they'll have the most dependable PG rotation in the league potentially. We know who'll sign-off on this...

TOR: Bayless, Przybilla, Chicago's 2011 first-round pick

Nudging Colangelo's interest in rebuilding may captivate Toronto's amazement in the near future. It isn't like Raptors' fans don't need it.

Essentially, after Carter left and Bosh is now gone, here's their opportunity to get more talented and depth—similar to what Sam Presti has done in OKC.

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This is when Nike sponsors their outlook, like 'just do it.' Plus, not to throw a bone at the Raptors: their nucleus may be the most undeveloped, but appreciated of all likely lottery-bound teams next season.

Aiming for Bayless, mainly, recognizes what teams are doing nowadays—getting high school phenoms with high-character and meshing them together for the long run. Don't say I didn't tell ya: