First Impressions: TNA Impact

Bleacher ReportContributor IJuly 17, 2010

Greetings fellow Bleacher Reporters and commenters!

Let me begin by saying that this is the first time I have really watched TNA since I started watching wrestling (about a year ago). I’ve heard mixed things about the franchise, some saying “TNA is the future of wrestling,” or “TNA sucks,” or “TNA is so much better than the WWE now.”

These are all my first impressions (as the title obviously implies) of the company, show, wrestlers, etc. from the 7/15/10 episode of the show.

Your comments would all be appreciated to put me in my place and/or inform me of things I don’t know about the company. Always open to criticism but, like I said, I don’t know much TNA. I just thought someone might want to read the opinion of a fresh new fan.

When the No. 1 contender walked out and started talking, I had one thought. That thought was “The Monster, Abyss? Can you say Mankind?” I’m sure this has probably been said before, there’s no way I’m the first to think that. There has to be some difference, though, right? I mean, he can’t be a total rip-off character.

My next thought was that I really hope he doesn’t get food poisoning. Also, Janice even looks like a b*tch.

Knockouts Street Fight

Sarita vs. Taylor Wilde

First impression: I was surprised with the intensity of a match involving Knockouts. Let me explain that statement as I’m sure it may have come across as sexist. It just seems that, at least in the WWE, the Divas matches are always a little softer and less violent than the male matches.

This was a street fight after all, so it was bound to be intense. Sarita choking out Wilde at the end to win was a bit alarming as I’m used to PG WWE, but it’s definitely not lacking in entertainment value.

I’m not sure what the promo with Kevin Nash was about. I assume it was sexual.

I Quit Match

Brian Kendrick vs. Douglas Williams

It’s nice to see different types of stipulations in the show. So many of the matches tonight had special stipulations and it’s good that they keep it fresh. Decent match, Kendrick had some good moves.

Kevin Nash attacked Kendrick to get Hogan and Bischoff’s attention. He’s gonna get lucky with Miss Tessmacher soon. I feel something brewing between Nash and Jarrett…

Desmond Wolfe vs. Rob Terry vs. Samoa Joe

Good, entertaining, well-fought triple threat match. There’s a lot of talent and potential in the ring. Not much else I can say about that.

Match No. 1 in best of five series for the TNA Tag Team Championship: Beer Money vs. Motor City Machine Guns

Ladder match. Love it. I also love that they’re having a best of five series to determine the champions. That’ll keep people interested and want to watch week to week to see who will get the leg up.

This match definitely stole the show. I’m always amazed what pro wrestlers can do with ladders. Every moment of this match was entertaining which caught me by surprise because I’m used to the WWE’s lack of tag team division. Snore…

The ending was especially entertaining with the bottle shot and Beer Money stealing the contract and the victory.

That watermelon looks delicious…Wait! Aww…Abyss…You ruined it.

"The Blueprint" Matt Morgan vs. "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero

I couldn’t get much of a read from Morgan in this short match but the winner, The Pope, really impressed me. I’ve honestly never seen anyone pull off a flawless codebreaker aside from Chris Jericho, which he did. The altercation following the match between Mr. Anderson and The Pope confused me a little. I assume Anderson is not to be trusted? I liked the nod of respect from Pope though.

This whole next segment with The Beautiful People was quite possibly the most annoying segment I’ve ever seen. Terrible acting and their leader isn’t even THAT beautiful. Dumb blonde pills? You overdosed on yours? Idiotic. Middle/high school drama here, not even an entertaining concept.

Best part was when Angelina Love came out and called Kim Kardashian an Oscar winner compared to these three, and I might have to agree. I was thoroughly annoyed this entire time. This just goes to show that “beautiful people” don’t need any other talents to get paid and to be famous.

Jay Lethal vs. Jeff Hardy

It was nice to see Jeff Hardy again. Twist of Fate followed by a Swanton Bomb to win was definitely a breath of fresh air since it’s been a while. I was impressed by Lethal too, though. He had some good moves and definitely kept up with Hardy. The Charismatic Enigma wins.

Flair is forming a faction called Fourtune? Like the Four Horsemen? Come up with some new ideas, TNA. And did he just call himself God? Seriously? He just said, “You do not put your hands on God.” Get over yourself, Flair. God…

Mankind, er…wait…I mean, Abyss comes out and calls for RVD. Janice looks angry.

They’re taking over? Oh. An invasion story? Sounds familiar (WWE/Nexus).

This extreme match that Abyss wants sounds great! Will it happen? We’ll see.

Janice wants RVD’s ass. Sounds sexy.

RVD and Abyss tussle for a bit. RVD almost lands on Janice, scary.

Mick Foley, also nice to see. ECW invasion ensues.

Final shot ends with Dixie Carter saying she invited the ECW stars. That b*tch…

Final First Impression

I really enjoyed TNA and I think I’ll tune in for a few more weeks to see how I like it in weeks to come. Maybe I just caught a pretty good episode. Just want to make sure it wasn’t a fluke.

I’m intrigued by both the tag title series and the invasion storyline. I’m excited to see how those turn out. I approve of TNA, although I won’t go as far as to say it’s better than WWE. I feel as if it’s on par in different ways.

I’m sure I expressed some opinions on here that many of you don’t agree with. I expect to get chewed out for these. Go right ahead with your comments, we’re all entitled to our opinion. Also, tell me some things I might not know, we can all learn here.


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