A Case For Some Optimism in Raptorland

Sachin AroraCorrespondent IJuly 17, 2010

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Ever since Chris Bosh has bolted the Raptors, everything seems to have fallen apart.

Nobody is giving this team a chance to even win 35 games. Why is that? Don't get me wrong, Chris Bosh is a great player, a fantastic player, but is he a superstar who can carry his own team? No.

With the offense that the Raptors ran with Bosh, he was getting a touch almost every possession. Because of this, it closed many opportunities for other guys.

Sometimes Andrea Bargnani would get hot, but he wouldn't be getting the ball because Bosh would demand it. Sometimes players would have open shots that they would pass up to get the ball to Bosh.

Now of course, I'm not saying Chris Bosh leaving is a good thing, but it certainly isn't the end of the world.

The Raptors are reloaded and hungry to play. With young players who are looking for some run and gun, the Raptors will be a fun team to watch.

Hedo Turkoglu is gone, and I truly believe Jose Calderon will go back to his old self because of this. When you have two playmakers on the floor at the same time, it doesn't really work, considering Turkoglu is a bigger version of Calderon, essentially. The offense should flow better.

Jarrett Jack has said that despite Bosh leaving, he's still happy to play with Toronto and is looking forward to the next season.

DeMar DeRozan and Sonny Weems are two young players who are only going to get better, and are excited to have a bigger role on the team.

Leandro Barbosa should be able to fit in nicely with the Raptors system, and will be one of the Raptors key players.

Amir Johnson will have to take a much bigger role, possibly a starting role considering the departure of Bosh. Johnson cashed in quite nicely this summer, making $34 million over five years.

But if this team wants to be successful going on forward, their star will have to be none other than Andrea Bargnani. Bargnani was the number one overall pick, and has seemed to improve bit by bit each year. This will be the year he has to take his game to the next level.

Guys like Ed Davis, Linas Kleiza, and Solomon Alabi will be competing for playing time, but the Raptors bench seems pretty deep once again this season.

Bryan Colangelo seems to know what he's doing, and he's setting the Raptor ship in the right direction.

Don't give up hope Raptor fans.