It Looks Like Shaquille O'Neal Will Not Be Going To the Atlanta Hawks

Christopher Chavez@@Chris_J_ChavezAnalyst IIJuly 16, 2010

Shaq was going to be heading to the New York Knicks, but that was a false alarm and turned out to be normal buzz within NBA teams. Shortly after that fell through, there was a reported deal in place for Shaq that would send Marvin Williams to the Cavaliers. But now, even that is history. 

AOL Fanhouse's Chris Tomasson has reported that the Hawks do not have the money to keep Shaq on the roster and keep him happy at the same time. They are in need of players and are coming close to that salary cap. 

The only way Shaq will be donning the Atlanta Hawks uniform is if he decides to take the veteran's minimum to be on the same team as Joe Johnson. But what would impel him to take such drastic measures to be a Hawk? This past season, O'Neal made $20 million with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Would he really let so much money go down the drain to end up in Atlanta?

He might have to sign somewhere in the mid $5 million range. If that is the case, several suitors may show up. But then again, his age and his decreasing talent will have many thinking twice. Is he worth giving up a starter? What about a draft pick?

The Hawks certainly were not considering giving up one of their starters for Shaq, so this would have all been about draft picks and prospects. 

Shaq looks only to be a short term option for a team and so many teams will not be willing to give up young talent for an aging star. O'Neal has spoken out about his farewell tour in 2011-2012, so retirement is already in view for him. 

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There could be a short list of teams that would like to take on what The Diesel has to offer. But for teams like the Knicks or Hawks it could just be to have that big name and put people in seats.