Chris Paul Makes a Toast for a New Big Three in New York: Amar'e, Melo, and CP3

Christopher Chavez@@Chris_J_ChavezAnalyst IIJuly 12, 2010

The New York Knicks may have struck out on LeBron James during his sweepstakes, but the team is looking to go places in the next few years and cash in on opportunities return to greatness.

Chris Paul is among those that hopes to pull off a LeBron James-type deal and go to a contending team. 

Paul has come forward and said that he hopes to be a part of something great in New York with the Knicks, as he announced at Carmelo Anthony's wedding in New York this weekend. 

The Hornets' point guard announced that several of the guests at the wedding could be forming their own "Big Three" in the Big Apple.

He mentioned Carmelo Anthony, Amar'e Stoudemire, and himself among the members of that possible squad. The New York Post reported that Spike Lee almost fainted when this was said at the wedding. 

Chris Paul hits the market in 2012, but the Knicks may not have to be so patient to get him to come to New York.

They have trading chips that could be packaged at any moment in mid-December.

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From Raymond Felton, to their latest Russian signing, there are a plethora of players who could be accessible in a deal to the New Orleans or San Antonio

San Antonio comes up because the Knicks have expressed interest in Tony Parker and a possible arrival in New York through a deal including players, not so much draft picks. 

LeBron James was also in attendance at Carmelo Anthony's wedding with his crew.

His facial expression and reaction to the toast for a New York Big Three was not shared, but in complete agreement with the New York Post , a Miami Heat vs. New York Knicks Eastern Conference Final would be very entertaining if the Knicks were to make the right moves. 

From the young Anthony Randolph to the superstar Amar'e Stoudemire, the Knicks could be in contention now, but a move for Paul and Anthony will put them over the top.

For one more season, Knicks fans may just have to wait for their Messiah. 


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