Randy Orton Is Becoming Stone Cold and WWE Knows It

The Animalistic-Viper LP23Correspondent IJuly 12, 2010

We all witnessed the Attitude Era which was lead by the "Texas Rattlesnake" Stone Cold Steve Austin. Well now it's Orton turn to lead us into a new era in WWE. While some people say that you can't compare Stone Cold to anybody, Orton has so many similarities to Austin, they're almost identical.

I think WWE is finally realizing that Orton is getting extremely popular week after week, and his crowd reactions are getting even higher. Every time there's a backstage segment or interview, the crowd just flat out cheers for the man.

Everyone loves his Viper gimmick. It makes him mysterious and weird, but people like it. Like the Fans actually turned Orton Face, because Orton is still the same person. He's more of a tweener and anti-hero but gets great reactions. Something Austin did, Austin was never a face but rather tweener and the Fans loved what he did.

Same goes for Orton, Orton even said that he doesn't have to talk on the mic, because he's not that type of Superstar. The Fans react to Orton's facial reactions and body language when he's in that "Animalistic" mode.

But as I said, I think WWE is finally realizing Orton is becoming the Next Austin. Now all Orton needs is a catchphrase, something like Orton 360 or Just Punted your Skull In or You just got RKOwned.

The 360 comes from his RKO: Orton turns really fast and pumps the mat to get ready to hit his vicious RKO.

Similarities between Orton & Austin:

  • RKO vs. Stone Cold Stunner
  • The Viper vs. The Rattlesnake
  • The Silent Assassin vs. The Toughest S.O.B. (This is opposite because Orton doesn't have to talk, but Austin is more Smash Mouth in your face.)
  • Orton 360° vs. Austin 3:16
  • Orton's Legend Killer Pose vs. Austin's Middle Finger Gesture Pose
  • Orton just RKOwned You vs. Austin just Whipped your Ass
  • Both have blue eyes and bald heads.
  • Both don't wear elbow pads but both wear knee pads.
  • Both wear black trunks and long black boots.
  • Both wear Wrist Bands.
  • Both feuded and attacked the McMahon Family (Austin stunned the McMahons, while Orton punted the McMahons).
  • Both have been slapped by Stephanie McMahon, and both have been in Three Stages of Hell with Triple H.
  • During promos in the Ring, they both take three steps back.
  • Both attack random people for no reason, and both have no alliances or allies, they don't trust anybody.
  • The Fans turned them both face when they were Heels.
  • Both are tweeners and anti-heroes.
  • People think there both badasses.
  • Both have smoking skull t-shirts.
  • They both don't Kiss Ass or Suck Up, They do whatever they want to do
  • Orton's Pyscho Attitude vs. Austin's Raise Hell Attitude
  • Both shake their heads like snakes: Orton does when he gets pumped up for RKO, Austin does it when he's already hit the Stunner.
  • Both have Mudhole Stomps, which are multiple stomps to the opponent.
  • Monotone Entrances: Voices vs. Glass Shattering
  • Both give that cold hard-eyed stare to their opponents.
  • People react to their facial reactions and body language and movement.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wo9uuU2UiDI&playnext_from=TL&videos=hjXmjzwErVg
  • Look at that Video Above

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