Lebron vs. Art: Who Should Be The Most Hated Man in Cleveland?

Dave WalkerCorrespondent IJuly 10, 2010

So 24 hours after fans burned Lebron jerseys and Cavs owner Dan Gilbert claimed a Benedict Arnold, people are still talking about Lebron and the decision he made.

My initial thought as he claimed a stake to South Beach was how the poor fans of Cleveland would react.

The city has not won a professional sports championship in what seems like forever. The Browns were always an Elway Broncos team away from the Super Bowl, and the Indians were a Jose Mesa blown save away from a title in '97.

But the Cavs were where it was supposed to end. King James was supposed to be the hometown boy who made good and lead his team and city to that elusive title.

Unfortunately, that will never happen.

Cleveland fans seemed to have run the gamut of emotions last night, from burning Lebron Jerseys to crying in their beer. But is Lebron the most hated man in Cleveland?

I say not.

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Lebron made a choice to go elsewhere and play with two other guys that should win at least one title. The Cavs were never going to get it done by adding players like Antoine Jamison and Shaq who were well past their prime.

As much as Cavs owner Dan Gilbert would like to place blame on Lebron, as much of the blame should be placed on him and the organization as well.

So who does Cleveland hate more than Lebron you may ask?

Well, if you are a Browns fan you already know what I am going to say.

Browns fans always seemed to love their team in Cleveland, for better or worse. Art Modell had owned the organization for years and actually had a stake in the gates at old Municipal Stadium for both the Browns and Indians.

But in the mid 90s Modell declined to become a part of the Gateway Sports and Entertainment Complex siting that Municipal Stadium just needed improvements.

But just as quickly as the city addressed the situation, Modell issued a moratorium on it and secretly began talking to Baltimore about moving the team there.

The rest as we know it is history. The Ravens were born and Cleveland got an expansion team a few years later.

I remember the outrage the fans felt as the end neared in Cleveland. I also remember personally feeling bad for the city and its fans. In my opinion the NFL should have never left Cleveland.

I am sure that when you compare the two situations that Modell is hands down the biggest jack off in Cleveland history. He was the one that stole an entire franchise out from under the city. All Lebron did was change teams and move on with his career.

In fact, I would venture to say that Dan Gilbert is a bigger *****bag than Lebron at this moment, and I still say that there was a lot he could have done to help James and the city win a ring.

When it all comes down to it Lebron made a decision that was going to upset more fans that it was going to make happy. I had hoped Cleveland would have gotten to keep him so they could have had something to cheer about in the sports world, but that's just life.

Art Modell betrayed a city, a franchise, and possibly even himself when he sold out back in 1995. He is and should forever be known as the biggest villain in Cleveland sports history...