NBA Free Agency: Adrian Wojnarowski-Yahoo! Sports Calls LeBron a Taker

Bhemis ParksAnalyst IJuly 9, 2010

GREENWICH, CT - JULY 08:  LeBron James speaks at the LeBron James announcement of his future NBA plans at the Boys & Girls Club of America on July 8, 2010 in Greenwich, Connecticut. James announced during a live broadcast on ESPN that he will play for the Miami Heat next season. (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Estabrook Group)
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In a day and age where we are constantly reminded that sports is more about business. That it is less about living out dreams and achieving things that usher in thoughts of greatness.

Well we were reminded last night that some people actually care about the true essence of their sport. LeBron James reminded the entire free world that winning is above everything.

He reminded us what we had taught him. That being, there are no shades of grey in the sports world. Only winners and losers. 

In simpler terms. Champions and nothing else.

After watching his Cavaliers get beat by a more balanced Boston squad. We all heard or stated how he doesn't have enough help to capture a NBA title.

So how is his decision not a fair reaction? Didn't everyone tell him he needed more talent? Well he just became part of the most talented trio in NBA history. Never has there been a better threesome.

We all witnessed how he lead the Cleveland Cavaliers to a NBA Finals as a 22-year old kid. With no All-Star teammate and no Hall Of Fame bound coach.

Was he not good enough to carry a franchise then? So how is he saying he can't do it on his own? How is this any different than Kobe asking to be traded or be given the help he needed? Well James tried to get it done on his own. He was intelligent enough to realize that Hakeem was the last All-Star to win it alone. He was intelligent enough to make the best choice to put himself in position to be like Michael Jordan and Bryant.

For years people said that Jordan wasn't as great as Bird and Magic because he didn't have the titles. He wasn't regarded as being better till he got a top 10 teammate to help him start winning. Granted he did carry Scottie Pippen those first three titles.

Kobe was rightfully put off as a Shaquille tagged along until he got Gasol to help him prove that he could win without Shaq. Yet, like Jordan, he hasn't been able to prove he can win it alone.

So why is James being held to a higher standard at such a young age? Since when did we start bashing athletes for working as hard as they could in order to be considered better than everyone else? Sorry, but I never received that memo.

I do not share the views of the idiotic Adrian Wojnarowski Of Yahoo! Sports. I understand what it means to be human. And being human means you do what's best for you and those you care for most.

Like sports, there are no shades of grey. Only happy and not happy. Only free or imprisoned. Any intelligent individual understands this.

Adrian Wojnarowski, referred to LeBron as a "taker" in his latest article. He elected to ignore the many donations that LeBron James has given over the years. He elected to ignore what James has done for the Ohio financial market the past seven years.

If LeBron was a taker, he would have never re-signed with the Cavs the first time. He would have packed and bolted when he first had the chance.

And if he is a taker, he given more than he's ever been given. So how about we throw the 25-year old a free pass, just this once.

He also said that he went to Miami to ride Wade's coat-tail... last I checked, James swept Wade and his Heat team last season and he has dominated Wade and the Heat since he entered the league. Only edge Wade has over James is his lone title and one more playoff season.

What we also are missing is this: Wade wanted this every bit as much as James. If he didn't, Riley would never have made the pitch. Wade pushed for James. So he's every bit the tag along as James is. And we can throw Bosh in for good measure.

Wojnarowski, may be a well know writer in the sports world. But he's forgotten the two most important rules of journalism. Which are and should forever remain, stick to the facts and remain objective. 

It's what separates a blogger from reporter.

So I guess in hindsight, he's just a high profile blogger. In any case, his article was in poor taste and without merit. He tries to paint himself in a light that is brighter than that of  James or any other human. He tries to play GOD.

Here's a phrase my father told me early on in life, "No man is above judgement and no man can pass it".

It was meant to keep me and those I told humble.

We should all try to remember this. Especially being that LeBron James has just humbled us all.

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