LeBron James Signing with the Miami Heat Makes Kobe Bryant Number One

Ro ShiellAnalyst IJuly 9, 2010

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 21:  Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant waves to the crowd while riding in the victory parade for the the NBA basketball champion team on June 21, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. The Lakers beat the Boston Celtics 87-79 in 7 games for the franchise's 16 NBA title.  (Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)
Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

With LeBron James joining Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami, Kobe Bryant just became the best player in the NBA and the league's enforcer.

All spurned fans of the Chicago Bulls, New Jersey Nets, New York Knicks, and Cleveland Cavaliers are looking for redemption. Add Toronto Raptors fans and the fans of all the teams that are about to be obliterated next season, and/or the ones that were upset by LeBron’s recent shenanigans.

All these people will be looking for a team, any team, to deliver a knockout blow to this juggernaut, and the most likely team to do this resides in Los Angeles.

No, not the Clippers, but the current NBA Champion L.A. Lakers and their dynamic star, Kobe Bryant.

Even though the Miami Heat are currently incomplete, you don’t have to be Albert Einstein to figure out that these three healthy stars plus nine marginal players will more than likely reach the NBA Finals.

Because the top teams in the Eastern Conference may not have what it takes to beat the new Heat!

The Boston Celtics are personally battling a vindictive foe, age, while the Orlando Magic have issues in the clutch. Meanwhile, the Atlanta Hawks just paid Harry Houdini (Joe Johnson) $123.7 million to pull his escape act in the playoffs, and the Cavaliers just lost their mojo.

So if Miami meets the Lakers in the Finals, there is a sure bet that the majority of people will be rooting for Kobe, because suddenly he is a shining light in a league blanketed by the blackness of Heat jerseys.

No doubt after LeBron made his announcement, Kobe went straight to the gym to put up some shots. Unlike LeBron, this man loves clearly loves a challenge. He wants to be the greatest in the world. If he wanted "easy help," Shaq would probably still be in purple and gold.

This could be the one chance Kobe has to step out of Michael Jordan’s shadow. If he can pull off this mammoth task, any comparison to Jordan will be minimal. They may finally be able to sit equally amongst the basketball gods.

"Everything negative—pressure, challenges—is all an opportunity for me to rise," Bryant once said. If he truly likes challenges that much, he must be salivating, because a bully has just moved in next door.

If he is really "chasing perfection," this will either achieve his dreams or break them. When a Finals matchup of the Heat versus the Lakers materializes, it won’t be like the last championship series, which was overhyped.

A lot of upset Cleveland fans will be tuning in if only to say the words, "we told you he was overrated!"

Knicks fans who watched their team roll over for two years in anticipation of signing James won’t suddenly be rooting for their rival Heat. Not only did the Heat "poach" their best coach (Pat Riley) in the last 20 years, they also just crushed their future.

All this drama will make the coming season one of the most anticipated in years, and the Finals will be the cherry on top.

If the Lakers can stave off their Western competitors and make it to a fourth Finals in four years, this will truly be Kobe’s shining moment. Everyone loves a David and Goliath story, but this David may have the bite of a black mamba.


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