Chicago Bulls Continue to Strike Out In Free Agency

Wesley Kaminsky@@Wesley_KaminskyCorrespondent IIIJuly 7, 2010

First it was Joe Johnson, as he decided to remain in Atlanta. Then it was Amare Stoudemire, who signed with the Knicks. Now, the heartbreak for Bulls fans continues as Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh both sign with the Miami Heat. Now, with so much hope for the Bulls to be an elite team once again, the hope is slowly fading away. 

After meeting with Dwyane Wade on both Thursday, and Friday, the Bulls management felt confident that they could land the superstar. They were banking on landing Wade, and hoping Chris Bosh would follow. Well, clearly that did not go according to plan, which begs to ask the question if Wade ever had interest in Chicago. It seems as if he was just toying with the Bulls in an attempt to get Pat Riley to bring another star to Miami. If that was Wade's plan, he succeeded. The Bulls plan? Do they have a plan?

With LeBron James expected to make his decision Thursday night on ESPN, Bulls management is banking on James committing to Chicago, just as they were praying Dwyane Wade was. When the Bulls fail to land LeBron James, what will be their plan? Do the Bulls even have a plan B? Plan C? Who knows with John Paxson and Gar Forman, the two biggest jokes in the NBA

Now, with all Bulls fans praying for a superstar, all are off the market but James. The Bulls cannot wait any longer to sign somebody or else they are going to strike out, and be stuck in cycles of 40 win seasons.

Carlos Boozer is the man to target at this point. Although, he is not the Bulls first option, Boozer fills a low post threat that the Bulls have been needing for years. In addition to Boozer though, the Bulls need a shooting guard as they traded Hinrich away for virtually nothing in hopes to get a superstar.

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Ray Allen is the guy to fill the void at shooting guard. It's not certain whether Allen will be returning to Boston, and with his former assistant Tom Thibodeau in Chicago as head coach, the Bulls would be a good option for Allen. He would get to play with a great young core in Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, and Taj Gibson. 

Bulls fans were thinking of championship aspirations next season and for many years to come, but all that optimism looks bleak now. However, not all hope is lost, thanks to Derrick Rose. A superstar in the making, this is Rose's team. Although it looks unlikely the Bulls will be landing LeBron James, a lineup of Rose, Allen, Deng, Boozer, and Noah is very good, but it will not deliver a championship.

Maybe I'm wrong, and maybe LeBron will shock me and sign with the Bulls. Right now though, I just do not see it happening. 

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