Rockets Fans Don't Want a Diva, We Want Scola

Jacob CordovaContributor IJuly 2, 2010

After all of the hype, 2010 free agency is finally among us. Teams unloaded rosters and put all of their eggs in the free agency basket. These next few days could make or break franchises for the next decade.

Chris Bosh is among the cream of the crop of this free agency class. He is nowhere near the caliber of player his counterparts LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are, but somehow, he could end up making more money than both of them.

Chris Bosh is an incredible athlete and a top five power forward in the league, but he has yet to make it out of the first round of the playoffs in his seven year career. In fact, he has won a total of three playoff games as the centerpiece of the Toronto Raptors. That doesn't sound like a guy you try to build your team around, but nonetheless, he is one of the prized possessions in this free agency class.

On board the Bosh bandwagon, you can find mastermind GM Daryl Morey (maybe he knows something I don't) leading the charge. The Houston Rockets are trying their best to convince Chris Bosh to come play in Houston. They should be one of the favorites for Chris Bosh if he cared about winning, but somehow, they are barely "on the radar".

Chris Bosh's agent was asked how the meeting with the Rockets went and he said, "(The Rockets) dropped something off to him and chatted briefly.”

That doesn't sound like Chris Bosh has any intentions to play for the Houston Rockets. It is truly sad not because I love the Rockets, but because they should be given serious consideration.

I knew there was something weird about this guy when he tweeted, "Where should I go next season and why?"

The really sad part is that I bet he wished he could tweet that question again.

As a player, you should do your own research and know which team you want to play for by looking at the management, the coaching, and your soon to be teammates. However, as a diva, it becomes a little more complicated. I'm not quite sure what goes into the selection process for a diva, but I'm pretty sure it involves pampering.

I mean, could this guy ask for any more attention? He acts like the nerd that became popular in the transition from junior high to high school.

Now it has been discovered that Bosh is making a documentary of the whole process. I mean, for most people, I would say that is pretty cool. But from what I know, that just makes him look worse.

A lot of basketball executives are stunned by the camera crew. Some say they don't know if he cares more about being famous or wanting to win. It's pretty obvious what he cares more about.

If Chris Bosh picks Miami over Houston, he would literally be picking a roster of four people over a roster full of depth. It would actually be a better move to pick the Bulls because they have great young assets that will only get better in time.

The Bulls should be the first choice, but the Rockets shouldn't be too far behind. 

However, Bosh somehow has Miami at the top of his list because he wants to play with Wade and LeBron. I can understand wanting to play with Wade and LeBron, but this isn't fantasy basketball. 

Either way, I say let him go. He is a great NBA player, but I don't think he has what it takes to lead a team to a championship, and frankly, I think he would stick out like a sore thumb in Houston. He isn't "Rocket" material.

As a Rocket fan, I would much rather see a less spectacular (but playing with more heart and determination) Luis Scola than a 6'10'' dork who happens to be a diva. Plus, we would have to pay Bosh probably $10 million more dollars a year and we would probably only get six more points a game and a couple more rebounds.

I understand that stars win championships and that our current roster would be contending for a playoff spot but probably not a championship. I wouldn't mind being Utah for the next year or two until we get a better chance at landing a legitimate guy we can build our team around.

Scola is a fan-favorite and probably one of the most underrated power forwards in the NBA. Scola was the most consistent player on the Rockets this past season and is one of the main reasons we were able to finish 42-40 playing with a 6'6'' center.

Although this is only his fourth year in the NBA, he really is a savvy veteran that we need on our roster. He has shown improvement each and every year and I don't think he has hit his ceiling yet.

He provides everything the Rockets look for out of the four position. He can knock down the mid range jumper, has a great repertoire of low post moves, and is a great rebounder.

He may never be able to block Pau Gasol's shot, but I can guarantee you that he will step in front of Pau and take a charge or maybe even a flop or two.

Every time he is on the court, he gives you his all. He is a workhorse in every sense of the word. He is what every championship team needs, and the Rockets cannot afford to let him go for some freakishly tall super dork.

I say wait out free agency and play the season with the current roster (maybe with the addition of Brad Miller) and if it doesn't work, make a trade for someone like Danny Granger, Brandon Roy, or Chris Paul.

Rockets fans want to see a championship back in the city of Houston, but I think we can wait one more year.

We want Scola , not a Diva .  




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