NBA Free Agency: LeBron James, Wade, Bosh on Same Team Just Wouldn't Work

Dwayne MontellCorrespondent IJune 30, 2010

So rumors have surfaced that Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James are going to Miami and forming a dynasty. This situation looks so perfect to everyone and the folks in Miami can't wait.It was reported that they even had a meeting in Miami to discuss this.

I made this happened in NBA 2K10 and boy was it fun, first play of the game Wade to Bosh in the post, to a cutting LeBron for a tomahawk alley-oop. It's nice in the virtual world but to tell you the truth in reality this move is not going to work out at all.

What is Pat Riley thinking? What are the people that are getting excited about this move thinking?

It will not work. Dwyane Wade is in the prime of his career, Chris Bosh is in his prime and LeBron James is still entering his prime(scary). This team would be exciting to watch, but it would not be a winning team. These guys will tell the media they are ready to sacrifice but that is because they are told to say the right things and if they don't give the truth is these guys really won't want to sacrifice at all.

It may look like they are all in for sacrificing for the first month of playing together but when LeBron's averaging 22 ppg, 6 rpg, 6 apg and the casual basketball fans are reading the stats saying that LeBron is not good anymore and saying things like " I told you Kobe is better" James will want to shoot more, he will want to dominate the ball more, he will want the control he had in Cleveland and sadly if they want to win he won't have that control.

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When Dwyane Wade is playing in LeBron's shadow, playing off the ball and putting up stats like 21 ppg and 5.0 apg he will get frustrated because he will have gone from being in the debate for best player in the league to being in the debate for best player on his team.

When Chris Bosh is putting up stats he had in his sophomore season and is playing in both LeBron and Wade's shadow he too will get frustrated, he will want more touches, more minutes and more attention, he may not even be an all-star because his stats maybe too low and other power forwards in the East will be out playing him on paper.

These three have egos, Bosh wants to be a Hall Of Famer, Wade wants to be one of the greatest and LeBron wants to be the greatest.

First of all you can't be the greatest if you are averaging 23 ppg and 7.0 apg. Now you say what if he wins seven titles? He won't win championships and even if he did, it won't be more then Kobe or Michael.

So, if James signs with Miami and they win championships(unlikely), he will just be known as the guy that averaged 22.0 ppg in the playoffs on the most talented team ever, while winning less titles then Michael,Magic,Larry,Russell and Kobe did. 

As competitive as LeBron, is he won't like that. James wants to be the greatest and if he signs with Miami, he won't be able to accomplish that. On some nights he won't even be the best player on his team. His stats will take a hit, he won't win MVP's and in the eyes of a casual basketball player that judges off of statistics, either they will ignorantly say he is slowing down when his stats take a hit or they will say he can't dominate with good teammates.

Wade, who has been the king of Miami for seven seasons, would have to take a back seat to LeBron. Even if Wade outplays LeBron, the media would make James the better player by hyping him up. Its a fact the media likes LeBron more then D-Wade.

Dwyane's stats would probably take a bigger hit then LeBron's because he will be the one that can't dominate the ball anymore. He will have to play off the ball and he is not that great at it. Wade will be the Scottie Pippen and there is no way he will be in the best player in the league conversation because he will be averaging 20.0 ppg and 7.0 apg a night.

Even if the team is winning, I have never seen a player that averaged less then 24.0 ppg referred to as the best player in the league. Wade wouldn't even be selling the most jerseys on the team it would be LeBron. If LeBron joins Wade, the Heat are LeBron's team and Wade does not want to lose that power.

Bosh will almost seem like a role player at times. He will be in the post watching Wade and LeBron dribble around. Bosh will get less touches and LeBron would take away his rebounds. Bosh will not be able to go one on one as much and there is no way he is getting the last shot. If Bosh sacrifices, it will hurt him the most because even if the Heat win multiple titles, Bosh won't be remembered for any of them it would be Wade and LeBron.

This situation would frustrate Bosh the most, he will go from the leagues elite players to the third best player on his own team and not being mentioned as one of the best power forwards because his stats are too low. If someone is saving up to buy a Miami Heat jersey you can bet that it is going to say James or Wade on the back of the jersey not Bosh.

Bosh will go from having all the attention in T-Dot to having no attention in Miami and he already said he wants to be the main man or at least apart of a 1-2 punch.

Now I know people out there are saying if they win championships it won't matter if their stats take a hit. LeBron James was hyped up to be the best player ever and there is no way he is going to be considered the best ever if his individual awards stop coming now. If he signs with Miami, they will stop coming. James will not win MVP on a team loaded with this many stars because his stats will be too low.

When the argument is that he deserves it because he is winning a lot people will say it is because he has Wade and Bosh. He will not win scoring titles like the greats did, no more triple 40-point games, no more 50-point games, no more game winner.

James will not be viewed as the dominant star he was in Cleveland because he will have to sacrifice so much. LeBron may seem unselfish to some but that is because he has everything going for him at this point he hasn't had to make a sacrifice and he is too young to sacrifice.

This team would have a hard time playing together, that is why I don't see them winning championships. Who does the ball go to in certain situations?, Who sets the tone? Who takes the last shot?

Wade and LeBron both need the ball to be effective and they can't dominate the ball when they are on the court at the same time. Wade would have to be the one playing off the ball because LeBron is better with the ball. Wade wouldn't be able to excel in that role.

It is too late in their careers to ask these three to change, they will have trust issues and they will be frustrated when one guy is getting more shine then the other. Their egos are too big to play in someones shadows, they would eventually clash and instead of fighting for a title they would be fighting each other for shots and touches.

Wade doesn't want this to turn into LeBron's team, Bosh won't get any shine at all and their selfishness and ego will destroy them. If these guys want to win they would have to sacrifice a lot! and at this stage of their careers they won't. 

James, Wade and Bosh still want to accomplish more individually and they won't be able to do that playing together. They wouldn't win games because their styles of play wouldn't let them mesh. These guys would do much better in a 1-2 punch situation because they will maintain their amazing averages, win their individual awards and be in a position to win titles.

Bosh and Wade in Miami would be an amazing 1-2 punch that could contend every season if they have the right players around them. The perfect situations for LeBron would be teaming up with Carlos Boozer in New Jersey or taking his talents to New York and joining Amare Stoudemire and Joe Johnson. He would be able to mesh with those guys in New York in Mike D'Antoni's up and down game, plus Johnson doesn't demand the things Wade does.

Stoudemire has already played with Johnson in Phoenix. LeBron would become the Steve Nash except instead of 16.0 points, he will give you 30 every night along with the eight boards and possibly 10 assists in this system.

LeBron and Bosh going to Chicago would be a better situation then joining Wade in Miami but even that would be hard to work out because Derrick Rose like Wade needs to dominate the ball to be effective just like LeBron does and Rose wouldn't be able to play the two-spot. 

LeBron, Wade and Bosh joining together would be a great idea if they were 32-years old because they would be on the downside of their career. Having done it all individually they would want championships so late in their career, they would have no problem sacrificing.

Just ask Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett they sacrificed a lot! to win that title in 08 and had they not won that year it probably wouldn't be worth it and ask those guys if they would be willing to sacrifice that much in their prime they will probably tell you no. For now this Wade, Bosh and LeBron are a great video game team but in reality its a disaster. 

They should sign 5-7 year deals with one other big name free agent and when their contracts are up they will be on the downside of their careers so they can pair up in Miami or New York or wherever and they would be more willing to sacrifice. As weird as it sounds LeBron, Bosh and Wade have a better chance of winning a championship together when they are in their 30's then now.

I would love to see these three on one team in 2016 but in 2010 these three on one team just doesn't seem right and it won't work.