NBA Free Agency: LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade Shouldn't Team Up

Ismail AijazuddinContributor IJune 30, 2010

The three biggest names in this year's free agent class are also three of the biggest names in the league. LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade are reported by some sources to have met to discuss the possibility of all signing with the Miami Heat. 

My initial reaction when I heard the report was that there was no way Miami could afford to sign all three players to maximum contracts. Then I found out that with the cap space the Heat managed to clear, they were pretty close.

I started to salivate over the prospect of James, Wade, and Bosh dominating the league. Then I thought about the last time that we saw just two stars of this magnitude try to coexist.

The 2004 L.A. Lakers.

While that team achieved greatness, winning three NBA Championships, Kobe and Shaq eventually got sick of each other, with discrepancies about who to turn to as team leader, and in clutch moments. Each man headed his own way after losing in the 2004 NBA Finals.

Two stars who made a great run together, although it ended roughly. However, I just don't see LeBron, Wade, and Bosh lasting even that long.

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I can't begin to imagine what the coach would decide when the team needed a bucket to tie the game. Throw it down to Bosh in the low post, let Wade take it to the rim, or give LeBron the honors?

I mean, this isn't Boston's Big Three. These guys are still young, with way more left to give than the two or three years that were expected out of Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen when they joined the Celtics.

Each of these players is capable of being the top dog on a championship team with the right supporting cast. But you just can't have three top dogs on one team.

Together, these three could win championship after championship, but how would they feel about splitting the glory three ways? 

With Wade, Bosh, and James together in Miami, who would be the chief, the one man that the whole team turns to when they need a play? 

And more importantly, how would the other two players feel about being demoted to "extremely gifted role players?"

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh can put aside their pride and strive to be the best team ever. 

I just don't think it will happen.

But, in my opinion, Wade and Bosh could easily join together, while LeBron goes in another direction.

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