2010 NHL Draft Results: Stop Crying Ranger Fans, Everything Went As Planned

Mr. ControversyCorrespondent IJune 29, 2010

WINDSOR, ON - JANUARY 20:  Dylan Mcllrath #4 of Team Orr poses for a portrait prior to the 2010 Home Hardware CHL/NHL Top Prospects game on January 20, 2010 at the WFCU Centre in Windsor, Ontario. Mcllrath plays for the Moose Jaw Warriors (WHL). (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images)
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As proven by the type of players the New York Rangers Drafted this year, it is quite obvious they went into the draft with a game plan, and as usual, the clueless Ranger fans are unhappy.

We need offense they scream, we want goals, goals and more goals. For years, over a decade actually, its been the same chant, the same tears, the same people , with the same boo hoos with the same results. No Cup!

The Rangers General Manager heard all your screams and answered them.

What is considered today as the biggest free agent signing bust in the history of the NHL, The Rangers sign Theo Fleury in 1999. The once fifty-one goals scorer managed to tally 15 goals with 49 assists his first year with the Rangers His second season cut short as he signs into drug rehab and after his contract was up, the now General Manager Glen Sather surprisingly did not resign him.

In 2001/02 He went out and signed superstar Pavel Bure who was thirty-one years old at the time. That went no where as Bure lasted only two years, and played a total of fifty one games during his quick stay.

During that 2001/02 season, Sather also signed twenty-nine year old EX Fliers’ superstar Eric Lindros. Oh how you were all excited! Lindros was able to stick around for two and half years. As he was knocked out thirty-nine games into his last season.

So lets take a quick look at just who exactly the Rangers had in their 2001/02 season. Eric Lindeos, Pavel Bure, Mark Messier, Petr Nedved, Mike York, Radek Dvorak, Brian Leetch, First Round Draft pick Manny Maholtra and, Martin Rucinsky. With Mike Richter and Dan Blackburn playing goalie. Pretty awesome line up huh? Very good goalies, appears as a good scoring roster. Did the Rangers make the playoffs that year? No, they did not!

Moving on and screaming louder then ever. Ranger fans want goal scorers and wins as the 2003/04 season did not look any better for the blue shirts. Once again their prayers were answered as one of the greatest players of all time is finally wearing Blue.

Towards the end of the season Sather would trade Anson Carter for Jaromire Jagr. But the thirty-one year old Jagr was already on a downward spiral, as he only scored sixteen goals in forty-six games when he was with the Washington Capitals and only fifteen goals in thirty-ones games with the Rangers. The Rangers miss the play offs again.

The 2004/05 season cancelled do to the lockout. Fuming fans rant and rave, we Need offense! Jagr needs to go!

The Ranger fans were wrong again as the 2005/06 season turns out to be one of Jagrs best seasons ever, as he totals 123 points on the year with fifty-four goals and sixty-nine assists. Rangers finally make the play offs, but get knocked out in first round by the New Jersey Devils.

Still the fans are not happy. Still the Fans want more goal scorers. So in 2007 Glen Sather brings in Scott Gomez and Chris Drury. Rangers have Brendan Shanahan and Sean Avery, along with Martin Straka, Brandon Dubinsky and Ryan Callahan and Jagr. At this point, this is the Rangers best looking roster in the past nine years. But again they fall short of the glory as the are knocked out of the play offs in the second round.

So what is my point?

You wanted your offensive players, that was all you were concerned about and you got them. They got you nowhere. You are not special or different. Every hockey fan out there wants the Jagrs in their prime, the Heatleys and Ovechkins. The Crosbys and Malkins. Hell we even had the great one him self and still came up short And it was not because of lack of goals, goal scorers or play makers!

Ranger fans crying how they wanted defenseman Cam Fowler drafted, for what? So you can have another Del Zotto or Matt Gilroy. Well I hate to tell you this but as soon as the Rangers started losing, Tortorella totally abandoned what made Del Zotto so successful in the beginning of the season . Del Zotto was not rushing down low to help the offense as much. He was glued at the blue line.

Afraid of the odd man rush or the break away going the other way, with no one between Lundqvist and the puck handler except the great Rozsival or the Awesome defender WadeRedden. Or this other clown you all want resigned Dan Girardi. The results for the most part always resulted the same, goals for other teams.

Some are crying for Brandon Gormley. Articles I have read about him claim he is a better defenseman then Fowler but not so much in the goal scoring department. At 6’1 175 lbs he is still small. He might have been a better pick then Fowler but who cares. He is not what the Rangers need!

You fail to see the real deal. You have coach Tortorella trying to make Marc Staal the next Brian Leetch. We will start there. So what happened last year, Staal makes many costly mistakes doing what he should not be doing and cost the Rangers several games. Rant and rave on how great he is, but last year he did not do that great defensively. Mainly due to the fact that he was trying to hard offensively, he forgot his true position, defense!

The money that has been spent on the defender that this Rangers organization is constantly pursuing has gotten them nowhere. Lets face it, Paul Coffee and Brian Leetch are a rare breed of players. However, the Rangers have spent millions in search of. Wade Redden who was supposed to come to New York and lead the power play has done nothing but cost them games and money, six million a year. As well as wasted a spot for younger players to progress, move up, or even get a fair chance to show what they have.

Michal Rozsival is supposed to be this offensive defenseman. Oh my god! This joke of a hockey player can not even pass a non moving puck. Give me a break. At four million dollars we could have brought up a hole crew of defenders from Hartford who would have easily been able to do exactly what Redden, Rosey and Girardi has done last year.

Now we have Matt Gilroy, not a solid defender, but if you did watch the games as most of you say you have, then you know he did not do that bad. He was another escape goat for John Tortorella so he was sent back down to Hartford. For all you stat freaks out there, Gilroy had a plus minus of 0, where as Del Zotto had a plus minus of -20. So do not waist my time with that crap!

How ever Gilroy does possess some serious offensive skills as does Del Zotto. These are two defenders that you can add to the rush. How many more do you need. Because if the Rangers do as many as you wish, we would have six so called offensive defenders and no one to play defense, and you wonder why you have a losing team. It is because that is exactly what you have now. No defense, just a bunch of Fowlers, and Reddens, Rozsivals and Gilroys. Gilroy was better defensively then Del Zotto!

The Rangers need defense, as well as players with size, not 6’1 175 lbs. Try 6’5 215lbs plus some. A true defender that will indeed kick some butt and clear his end of the ice. As well as help and protect his goalie. Which not one Ranger did last year when Hank was getting banged up and run over. Which I will add, every fan out there was crying about that too. Your star player, your top goal scorer was getting beat up { Gabby vs Carcillo }and not one Ranger stepped in to help him.  these are the players you want. these are the players you want resigned. I say get rid of them all!

The Rangers drafted Dylan Mcllrath because he is exactly what they need. Finally the Rangers organization does something right and as usually you are not happy.

Dylan Mcllrath is 6’5 215lbs and was considered to be the hardest hitting kid in the draft. He came in second in Canada’s skill completion for hardest shot with a recorded slap shot of 91.8 MPH. He also received the most improved player award for the second season in row, and there are fans who are saying this kid will fail. I say not a chance, get him ready, do not waist time sitting on this kid like they did to most of their draft picks and get him in there as soon as possible!

The Rangers did not stop with Mcllrath who will quickly become a fan favorite. They went as far as signing three more players with nice size, from 6’3 up to 6’5 from 205 up to 226lbs. Physical players are needed in a big way for this Ranger team and hopefully they will do the right thing with these kids.

Players with nice Size and toughness, along with talent and skill makes a huge difference. It has been missing from this Rangers team for far to long. This is using your draft picks wisely. You were beaten up last year, teams used your players to clean the ice from one end of the rink to the other, what else do you need to look at!

I read fans complaining about how the Rangers passed up players that were ranked in the top five. Well all I can say to you people is that you too will learn in time.

That Ranking system does not mean a dam thing. Everything changes when you enter the NHL. For some it changes in the AHL. Organizations find out their number one draft picks , a top five player does not have what it takes to make it in the NHL or AHL for that matter.

Manny Maholtra was drafted in the first round, seventh over all. Where is he now, how has his career been? He was a complete bust. Alexei Kovalev was first round 15th over all, had a good career, where as DougWeight was picked in second round 34th over all and Sergei Zubov was picked in the 5th round 85th over all. Both with good careers. Shoot Henrik Lundqvist was drafted in the 7th round 205th pick and he is one of today’s best goaltenders. These are just a few players the Rangers drafted, never mind the rest of the league. So you now know what to do with your top five list!

The New Jersey Devils have had a great goalie for a very long time. The Buffalo Sabres have had a decent goalie for many years now as well. Teams that have been struggling with their goalies have still found a way to have decent seasons and some even made the play offs and or made it to the Stanley Cup Finales.

They did not have a roster full of great goal scorers or play makers. But what they had was a solid defense and a team that played physical on a consistent level. Never mind they all have good coaching!

Buffalo is a prime example. New Jersey as well. Both teams have a great goalie, but even the best need help from their defense, And for over a decade the Devils have had that, and for the past 6 years so has the Sabres. Neither team had a roster like the Rangers had. Not even close to it. But they found the way to play solid at both ends of the ice where as the Rangers did not.

Look at two years ago. The Washington Capitals went into the play offs riding on the shoulders of a young rookie goalie. They made a come back from three games down to win the series. It was not just Alex Ovechkin, it was the defense and the goalie who shut out the Rangers.

The facts do not lie!

They did not score seven or eight goals a game to win. Their head coach was not preaching on how we need to score more goals after they lost a game 4-5 or 6-7. This is crazy talk, excuses a coach uses to place the blame anywhere else except to where it should be placed, Which is upon them selves. If you have a terrible goalie, a coach is going to say it. Hey, we have a goalie issue and we need help in that area. But here the Rangers have a great goalie and were scoring goals and still losing.

The defense breaking down and that was the only consistent thing the Rangers had going for them last year. As much as I wish I could say or place total blame on Rozsival and Redden, I can not. It was the whole entire defense, Girardi Del Zotto Gilroy and Staal. Three out of the six I hope not to see next year!

So the deal is this Ranger fans. You had all you top notch goal scorers and play makers and they still failed you. Now we have a very good goal scorer, we need to get him some help, maybe one or two solid forwards. We have added toughness along with size and we hope we will add to the defensive area of this team soon. Lets see what happens as this team changes from a group of pansies to a core of physical, hard hitting, glove dropping, goal scoring , bone crushing and god fearing team. At least that’s what I hope this team turns into.

We all love the fancy moves, and the amazing goals scored. We all want that top notch goal scorer that we can keep forever. Say what you will, but there was not one person sitting in their seats when Zherdev made an unbelievable pass that ended up being a goal. We all love the same things. We all want the same thing and that is for this Rangers team to become Stanley Cup Champions. But to do that, they need to improve their defense as well as improve their toughness and physical play on the ice!

The players they have drafted can fill those missing pieces!




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