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Busta BucketCorrespondent IJune 28, 2010

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I want to start talking NBA free agency, so I can stop thinking about Kevin Pritchard for a moment. As ESPN kindly reminds us every 5-10 minutes, it is rare for this many quality players to be on the market at the same time. That means a whole lot of speculation on who is going where. Why don't we make a game of it?

I've included a list of seven big-time free agents and one wild card to be considered only in the event of a tie. Drop your predictions for these same players in the comments. The person who makes the most correct picks will get something to be determined later. (Do we have any BustaBucket tees left?

Last I heard, Matt was burying Sheed's corpse somewhere in the Eastern Washington desert so I don't think we can get an answer to that question. In any event, you will get something if you win. It will be a shirt at best and the internal satisfaction of a job well done at worst.

LeBron James Cleveland

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It makes plenty of sense for LeBron to go to Chicago. The theory behind this pick is that LeBron is a loyal fellow who can't quite bring himself to crush the souls of his beloved Ohio people like that. Haven't they suffered enough ?

Dwayne Wade — Miami

Nobody seems to think Wade will leave. Since he is apparently working to attract other free agents to the Heat I'm going to agree. It would be sort of fun (for non-Heat fans) if he shocked everyone and left.

Chris Bosh — Miami

Even though he apparently wants to be "The Man," I think Bosh heads to Miami and settles for being the man not named Wade. I'll buy that center of the team business if Bosh backs it up and signs with New Jersey or the Knicks. (By the way, Chris Bosh's favorite NBA city is New York. All of NY is focusing on LeBron right now but Bosh could be a more realistic goal to pursue.)

Dirk Nowitzki — Dallas

Is there another player of such caliber that fails to attract other quality players to come join his side quite like Nowitzki?

Amare Stoudemire — Phoenix

Surprise! I know, I know, Sarver is cheap. There is no GM in place. I admit that I'm going out on a bit of a limb here. I think Stoudemire won't get the type of offers he feels he deserves. If Amare plays defense and rebounds consistently he's a max type of player, but he doesn't do those things enough.

Maybe, just maybe, the deal Phoenix offers and the deal from another team won't be so far apart. If that is the case then I'm guessing Amare would rather stay with the Suns, where nobody cares if he doesn't play a lot of D and he gets his table set by one Steven J. Nash.

Joe Johnson — Chicago

I'm torn between Chicago and the Knicks here. Chicago seems like a good situation likely to land at least one person from this list. Yet Johnson would be a bigger piece of the puzzle for the Knicks, where D'Antoni's system would make the most of his multi-faceted game and he wouldn't have to share the ball with Derrick Rose. This would be easier if I knew something, anything, about Joe Johnson the human.

Carlos Boozer — New Jersey/Brooklyn

They'll pay him. Plus, since none of the bigger fish will want NJ I'm betting that the Nets throw all their back flipping jet ski energy his way.

WILD CARD TIE BREAKER PICK — Allen Iverson: Nobody

Did you forget about him ? Remember, per the rules, this pick only counts in the event of a tie. I suppose I should put some sort of time-line for Iverson signing for the purposes of the contest. Let's say two weeks after the last non-Iverson person signs a contract. While it seems like nobody would sign AI admit that you could see Mark Cuban doing this if he misses out on the big time free agents. Boston tried to get Starbury to work, so don't count them out either. Or the Knicks, just because.

Do you dare face me in free agent Thunderdome? List your predictions in the comments.

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