Spur Of The Moment: San Antonio Reloads Again

Quentin HaynesContributor IJune 26, 2010

Once again, the smart teams win and the dumb teams lose in the 2010 NBA Draft. Teams like Los Angeles, Oklahoma City and Portland did well while teams like New York, Minnesota, and Golden State continue to dazzle us with bad picks.

One team who won this years' draft? San Antonio. The Spurs didn't move up or down; they stayed and waited.

The Spurs grabbed two possible role players in James Anderson and Ryan Richards. Both were once considered first round picks. Anderson to some scouts was the best SG behind Evan Turner.

I believe James Anderson could be a dark horse for Rookie of the Year because he might actually start. The Spurs don't have to much firepower off the bench and I could see them using Manu Ginobili as a 6th man and Anderson starting to keep some offense for the bench. If that happens, Anderson could get a lot of scoring opportunities and could push for the rookie spot.

Ryan Richards is interesting. After intriguing scouts with his wingspan in Chicago, Richards was seen as the classic "Let's stash him for a year" player.

When Richards told teams and reporters he was coming to play in the NBA this season? Teams moved off him. San Antonio benefits right away. I believe Richards has the size to be a effective center behind Tim Duncan.

With Tiago Spittler, DeJuan Blair, Antonio McDyess, and Duncan already on the roster, I could see Richards earning his playing time and become effective down the line.

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What do you see from the Spurs rookies?

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