2011 NBA Draft: 50 Best Prospects

DeAnte MitchellCorrespondent IJune 25, 2010

NEW YORK - APRIL 17:  Terrence Jones #1 of West Team goes for a shot against Perry Jones #3 and Jelan Kendrick #45 of East Team during the National Game at the 2010 Jordan Brand classic at Madison Square Garden on April 17, 2010 in New York City.  (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images for Jordan Brand Classic)
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The College Basketball season is far from beginning but the deadlines for both recruiting and the draft has passed us, and the rosters are starting to fall in place. There are going to be special players showcased during this upcoming basketball season. 

Some returned to increase their draft stock, while others are incoming and already impressing scouts with their potential.

So narrowing it down to 50 players will be tough, but here they are. 

Honorable Mention

Jacob Pullen, Kansas State, 6'0'' Point Guard

Jacob Pullen is an exceptional talent. He has the ability to stretch the defense, and has shown flashes of a true point guard. This last season of College Basketball should help Pullen improve his draft stock a lot. He is a consistent shooter, but should work on finishing strong around the rim.

Herb Pope, Seton Hall, 6'8'' Power Forward

Herb Pope could have easily gone in the 2010 NBA draft. But after his dirty play, teams were not looking forward to selecting a guy like him. He is a 6'8'' forward that is strong around the basket. He should look to benefit from this year in college by staying consistent, working on his jumper, and fixing his attitude.

Jeremy Hazell, Seton Hall, 6'5'' Shooting Guard

Jeremy Hazell showed off in the Big East last year. It's safe to say, you should not leave Hazell open on the wing. He takes some crazy shots, but makes the majority of them. He should improve his shot selection, and add more muscle.

50. Cory Higgins, Colorado, 6'4'' Point/Shooting Guard

Colorado's Cory Higgins is a very interesting player. He can beat defenders off the dribble and finish around the rim. He has a great jump shot, but should look to expand his game in his final season of college basketball.

49. Chandler Parsons, Florida, 6'9'' Small Forward

Remember the 70-foot shot that Chandler Parson hit to win the game? That wasn't the only his only game-winning three. He also hit one against the South Carolina Gamecocks. He is very mature and should be a good addition to an NBA team. Will need to work on his athleticism and intangibles.

48. Corey Stokes, Villanova, 6'5'' Shooting Guard

Corey Stokes has one of the purest strokes in the Big East. He shoots the ball proficiently and that will translate well in the NBA. He needs to start being more aggressive with his attack, and finish strong around the rim.

47.  Wallace Judge, Kansas State, 6'10 Power Forward

Wally Judge is what he is know as in Manhattan but the 6'10'' forward has a bright career ahead of him. Taking a learners role his first season at Kansas State, Judge will have the chance to show everybody what he is made of. He needs to get stronger and work on his explosiveness.

46. Kalin Lucas, Michigan State, 6'0'' Point Guard

Kalin Lucas is the complete floor general. He makes everyone around him better but hasn't really been consistent with his attack. Not to mention, he isn't the strongest guy on this list. He will have a full-year of college to fix that.

45. Demetri McCamey, Illinois, 6'3'' Point Guard

McCamey came on late last season. He will be interesting once he proves he can run the point. He can shoot, but should look to clean up his shot selection.

44. Lavoy Allen, Temple, 6'9'' Power Forward

Lavoy Allen is a versatile player in the post. He can knock down jumpers from the outside, but will need to work on his consistency in his final year in college.

43. Austin Freeman, Georgetown, 6'3'' Shooting Guard

Freeman was the scorer for the Hoyas' just a year ago. Many people fell in love with his potential, but his lack of size turns heads. Needs to add bulk.

42. Keith Benson, Oakland, 6'11'' Center

He has ideal size for an NBA center, but should look to get more in-depth around the rim. He is not a scoring threat on offense and should change that.

41. Durrell Summers, Michigan State, 6'5'' Shooting Guard

He is a very explosive player. He fights through contact and usually makes the shots. He needs to stay consistent with his attack. Lack of aggressiveness is a red flag.

40. Chris Wright, Georgetown, 6'1'' Point Guard

He is an intriguing point guard. He likes to take it to the rim and does that proficiently. In his final year of college, he should look to improve his jump shot.

39. Robin Benzing, Germany, 6'10'' Small Forward

He is a very good shooter and likes to drive the rim. He has nice ball-handling skills and the ability to beat defenders off the dribble. Should add more bulk to his frame, and work on his leaping ability.

38. Jon Leuer, Wisconsin, 6'10'' Power Forward

A very good all-around forward. He can block shots, rebound, and score. In his final year of college he should look to continue working on his defensive skills.

37. Nolan Smith, Duke, 6'3'' Combo Guard

Nolan Smith can stretch the defense and score the basketball at will. At 6'3'' he will need to work on his point guard skills. 6'3'' is not ideal size for a two guard.

36. LaceDarius Dunn, Baylor, 6'4'' Combo Guard

The 6'4'' combo guard from Baylor is a scoring machine. If there is one thing he knows how to do it's shoot the basketball and score. Dunn needs to cut down on turnovers.

35. Corey Fisher, Villanova, 6'1'' Point Guard

Fisher is a very stocky point guard with the winner's mentality. With his bulk, he is very quick with the ball and finishes well around the rim. He needs this year of college to mature as a player and improve shot-selection.

34. JaJuan Johnson, Purdue, 6'10'' Forward

Johnson is a very long forward with the ability to be a great defensive and offensive playmaker. You may have seen him block a lot of shots, but his lack of strength is a red flag for GM's.

33. Jeremy Tyler, Europe, 6'10'' Power Forward

He was originally going to play for Rick Pitino at Louisville but decided to skip his senior year of high school and play in Europe. He is a very strong player in the post and will probably make strides to improve his draft stock.

32. Kemba Walker, UConn, 6'0'' Point Guard

Walker is a quick agile point guard. He is a true leader and can take over games if needed. He needs to improve his decision making.

31. Renardo Sidney, Mississippi State, 6'10'' Power Forward

He has great size and skills. He has good post-moves but can also step out and hit jumpers some as far as the college three point line. Sidney has a lot of upside.

30. Jimmer Fredette, BYU, 6'2'' Combo Guard

Fredette is a great shooter and will not have a problem translating that to the NBA. However, he will need to gain some point guard skills in his last year of college.

29. Kris Joseph, Syracuse, 6'7'' Small Forward

Kris Joseph is very long and a decent rebounder. He has great leaping ability and likes to throw down nasty dunks. However, he needs to improve his whole offensive game.

28. Chris Singleton, Florida State, 6'9'' Forward

He can play the four but looks more comfortable at the three. He can beat defenders off the dribble, and most notably likes to dunk a lot.

27. Elias Harris, Gonzaga, 6'8'' Small Forward

Harris is extremely talented. He has great size, strength and lateral quickness which solidifies his resume as a defender at the next level. He needs to improve his offensive performance.

26. Jeffery Taylor, Vanderbilt, 6'7'' Small Forward

Taylor is long, athletic and can get to the basket at will. He needs to mature and show scouts his full ability on both offense and defense.

25. Travis Leslie, Georgia, 6'4'' Shooting Guard

Leslie is a very explosive athlete. If you don't believe me, just ask DeMarcus Cousins. Leslie will need to work on his jump-shot and ability to finish strong around the rim consistently.

24. Durand Scott, Miami, 6'4'' Shooting Guard

Durand Scott is a lights out shooter. He is pretty quick and gets into the lane at will. He will need to develop a left hand and keep improving his range.

23. Greg Smith, Fresno State, 6'10'' Forward/Center

A very big prospect with an NBA body. He scores the ball efficiently in the paint. He needs to improve his rebounding, and free-throw totals.

22. Derrick Williams, Arizona, 6'8'' Forward

A great forward. A huge scoring threat in the post, he can knock down jumpers when outside of the paint as well. He needs to improve his range and stay consistent.

21. Maalik Wayns, Villanova, 6'1'' Point Guard

Wayns is a big-time scoring point guard. He needs to show scouts he is a true point guard and can lead a team.

20. Corey Joseph, Texas, 6'3'' Point Guard

Corey Joseph is a scorer in every sense of the word. He has great range on his jump shot and will be a great prospect in the NBA draft. He needs to develop a left-hand.

19. Terrence Jones, Kentucky, 6'8'' Small Forward

Very athletic forward that can play a little shooting guard as well. He makes others better, but can also score the basketball consistently on the wing.

18. Aaric Murray, LaSalle, 6'9'' Power Forward

Murray is very explosive athlete with a big wingspan. He has soft touch on his jump-shot and will be a good NBA prospect. Needs some viable experience

17. John Henson, North Carolina, 6'10'' Forward

He can score in the paint, he can step outside the paint and hit jumpers, he can intimidate, he can do it all at the forward position. Not to mention, he is versatile enough to play at the three or four position.

16. Jared Sullinger, Ohio State, 6'9'' Power Forward

Sullinger has a huge frame that he uses well in the paint. He has soft hands, and is always alert, ready for the entry pass. He can throw down a lot of dunks, and clean up in the paint.

15. C.J Leslie, N.C State, 6'8'' Small Forward

Having Leslie so high on this list will come back to haunt me. He is a big time playmaker and really has no real weaknesses. It all about improvement.

14. Kyle Singler, Duke, 6'8'' Small Forward

Singler would have been a first-rounder if he decided to come out this year. He is listed at the three, but can play some two if needed. One of the most underrated parts of his game is his defense. He can lock down the opposition, and do more than shoot the basketball.

13. William Buford, Ohio State, 6'5'' Shooting Guard

Buford is an explosive athlete. When he played behind Evan Turner we could all see his true ability. He can stretch the floor with his three-point shooting or cut to the lane and throw down nasty slams.

12. Jan Vesely, Czech Republic, 6'11'' Forward

A big time player with a lot of potential. He doesn't shoot the ball a lot, but has a nice form with good release. He likes to run in transition and make the plays most people take off. He can face up and drive on the perimeter and finish around the rim.

11. Trey Thompkins, Georgia, 6'9'' Power Forward

Thompkins is a big time scorer. Last summer he walked away as the leading scorer for the USA-19 squad. He does it with a huge frame. He likes to throw down a lot of dunks, and overpower players at the rim.

10. Alec Burks, Colorado, 6'6'' Shooting Guard

Burks is one of the most under-the-radar players in college. He is a big time scorer with a lot of potential. Burks a very long athlete but needs to improve his range, and ball-handling skills. 

9.Jonas Valunciunas, Lithuania, 6'10'' Center

He has come on strong here in this last year. He is a great post presence, very long and will be a defensive stopper at the next level. He needs to improve his mid-range game and spice up his ball-handling skills when facing up.

8. Donatas Motiejuans, Lithuania, 6'11'' Power Forward

Donatas Motiejunas was going to be a lottery pick in the 2010 NBA draft. However, he needs to add bulk and improve his defense. He is a very offensive prospect and will translate very well to the next level.

7. Mason Plumlee, Duke, 6'11'' Power Forward

Plumlee has ideal size for an NBA forward, and is versatile enough to play center if needed. He is the back-to-basket kind of scorer but he can face up and throw down dunks. He needs to strengthen his post-moves and stay consistent with his jump shot.

6. Josh Selby, Kansas, 6'4'' Point Guard

Selby is a big-time point guard. He brings it all to the one position; scoring, rebounding, defense, vision and passing. He gets into the lane at will and loves to show off his explosive leaping ability. He needs to improve his jump shot, and should gain experience working at different speeds.

5. Kyrie Irving, Duke, 6'2'' Point Guard

Kyrie Irving may be the most complete point guard in college basketball. He has great vision and passing skills, along with the ability to score the ball at will. He needs to expand his range on his jump shot and become more of a defensive presence.

4. Brandon Knight, Kentucky, 6'3'' Combo Guard

Brandon Knight is a great scoring guard. He is a great shooter, and score the ball at will. In his freshman season, he should look to improve his vision and passing skills. 

3. Enes Kanter, Kentucky, 6'10'' Power Forward

Kanter is a great low post presence. He can score down on the low block, or step outside the arc and hit jumpers up to about 15 feet. He has great strength and will be hard to hold down in the paint.

2. Harrison Barnes, North Carolina, 6'8'' Small Forward

Harrison Barnes has been blessed with great size, athleticism and strength. He is everything you want in a basketball player. He is a special wing threat, but needs to tighten up his jump shot and ball-handling skills

1. Perry Jones, Baylor, 6'11'' Small Forward

Jones will be the best player in college this season. He has terrific size at 6'11'' and the ability to play a lot of positions because of his skill set. If there was no such rule, Jones would have been a lottery pick in the 2010 NBA draft. He has a ton of upside but is still ready to contribute

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