Sidney Crosby Snubbed on NHL Awards Night

Amber AlexanderContributor IJune 24, 2010

LAS VEGAS - JUNE 23:  Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins poses for a portrait with the Maurice Richard Trophy and the Mark Messier NHL Leadership Award during the 2010 NHL Awards at the Palms Casino Resort on June 23, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The NHL Awards were last night and if you're a Penguins fan, you were disappointed in how little Sidney Crosby was involved. 

For him to lead the league in goals (tied with Steven Stamkos), finish second with 109 points, and yet still place 3rd in the MVP voting is ridiculous.

Even in the video that was introduced by the Chicago Blackhawks, you didn't see one highlight reel of one of Crosby's 51 goals. 

He was third in the Hart Trophy voting behind winner Henrik Sedin and Alex Ovechkin. Sedin deserved the Hart, but it should have been a close one with him and Crosby.

Now for all of you who are going to comment on Ovechkin. 

The whole "he missed 10 games and still was tied with Crosby..." blah blah blah.

Let's go over some history real quick: 

Ovechkin was awarded three game misconducts this year. He was suspended for two games in December after putting a knee on knee hit on Carolina's Tim Gleason and suspended again in March for the shove from behind on Brian Campbell.  So there isn't a lot of sympathy for him on four of those games.

Continue rambling, Washington fans. I don't care.

Now back to the Crosby snub. 

When Stamkos tied Crosby on an empty net goal, a lot of Penguin fans were disappointed. Crosby worked hard against the Islanders to get two goals. You could tell he didn't like how it was tied because of an empty netter.

It got me thinking about the total number of empty net goals among the finalists for the MVP award.

  • Henrik Sedin: three empty net goals
  • Alexander Ovechkin: five empty net goals
  • Sidney Crosby: one empty net goal 

And just to throw it in there, Stamkos had three empty net goals. 

Sedin was well deserving of the trophy, as I said. He worked extremely hard to get there and it's always difficult for a player in the West to win and be recognized for their achievements. 

But that being said, the fact that Ovechkin got second place after being behind Crosby in all the categories is wrong.

Caps fans can rant all they want, but Crosby deserved credit for his achievements.

Crosby did get the leadership award and if any of you caught the interview with him and Messier, Messier even stated Crosby was the best player this year.

That being said, congrats are in store for Sedin. He's a solid player who deserved the trophy. It's just that Crosby deserved some recognition as well.


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