NBA Trade Rumor: Eric Maynor and Picks Headed To Pacers for No. 10 Selection?

Evan MasseyCorrespondent IJune 24, 2010

This news just broke about 20 minutes ago that the Indiana Pacers and the Oklahoma City Thunder are in serious conversations about a trade that would send Eric Maynor, the 18th pick, and the 21st pick to the Indiana Pacers for the 10th overall pick in the NBA Draft.

Granted, these are nothing but rumors, although these teams are discussing the possibilities.

I'll try to break down the reasons that both teams would make this deal. Hopefully, you agree with me.

Why for the Oklahoma City Thunder?

First, the Thunder already have their point guard in Russell Westbrook, and they really don't have a major need to keep Eric Maynor around any longer.

It's not because Maynor is a poor player that he's being dealt, it's because he's just sat behind two All-Star caliber point guards.

The 18th and 21st picks in the draft are good, solid picks, but the Thunder aren't going to get the impact big man that they want with those selections.

They will more than likely take Ed Davis, Ekpe Udoh, or Daniel Orton at No. 10, depending on who is there.

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I'm sure they want Udoh most, followed by Davis, and then Orton.

Overall, the Thunder know what kind of player they want, and they obviously don't believe they can get their man at one of the later selections. So they move up to No. 10 where they are almost certain to get one of the big men they covet.

Why for the Indiana Pacers?

The Pacers need a point guard in the worst way. And while Maynor may not be the starting point guard of the future, he is much better than any option they have right now.

At No. 10, the Pacers could have selected a power forward. But by gaining two first round picks instead of one, they can select guys like Eric Bledsoe (No. 18) and Hassan Whiteside (No. 21).

There is a slim chance that one of their favorite big men, Patrick Patterson, will fall to them at No. 18. If that happens, you will see him in a Pacers uniform next season, and then Bledsoe would likely go at No. 21, if he's still available.

Basically, the Pacers must acquire assets in this deal to help fill the holes in their roster.

They will probably make another trade or two throughout the offseason. But by adding Maynor, and possibly Bledsoe, they won't have to trade for the point guard spot.

Also, a major part of this deal is that Indiana doesn't have to part with anything other than the pick.

Brandon Rush has been a major tie up for Larry Bird over past discussions with teams, and from the sound of it, Rush won't be included in this.

Overall, the Pacers improve their team without shaking up their current roster.

They just trade one pick, and gain a solid, young point guard along with two more picks.

Almost a perfect deal for Indiana.


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