Should Tony Parker and the San Antonio Spurs Go Separate Ways?

Kyle LukeContributor IJune 21, 2010

Tony Parker and the San Antonio Spurs had a hell of a run.

Along with Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobli, Parker has been part of a solid foundation that made the Spurs one of the most successful franchises not just in basketball, but in all of sports.

Together, the trio has won three championships, with Parker taking home a Finals MVP in one of them. It's a fair argument that from 1998-2005, this Spurs' team was a borderline dynasty, and Tony Parker was a big reason why.

Over the past six years, Parker has averaged at least 16 points and six assists in each season while being one of the centerpieces of the franchise. He has also played in at least 75 games in eight of his ten years in the NBA, proving to be durable.

But I think the time has come for the Spurs to part ways with their mainstay guard and look towards the future.

In the 2010 playoffs, George Hill exploded onto the scene against the Dallas Mavericks. If Hill doesn't play in that series, the Spurs do not win that series.

Some of the big shots he hit in fourth quarters of those games were huge. His six threes in Game Three were ridiculous as he showed the Mavs why Jason Kidd is not the same defender he used to be.

In that series, a major subplot was taking place before our eyes.

Hill was starting over Parker and starting to show why he could be the future.

We know Parker has been one of the best PGs in the league the last seven years. We also know he is good friends with members of the "other" Big Three as well as a fan favorite in the city of San Antonio.

What we don't know is that Greg Popovich is starting to lean towards Hill more than Parker.

Although Popovich gave Parker his minutes back in the Suns series, we all saw how successful the Spurs' team was with Hill starting against the Mavs.

Last time I checked, it looked like the Spurs got swept by the Sunsโ€”the series which coincided with the Parker getting his starting role back.

I'm just saying...

Given the success of George Hill and the fact the Spurs' front line is not getting any younger, why don't the Spurs consider a deal that would send Tony Parker to the Knicks for David Lee in a sign-and-trade deal?

Tim Duncan has maybe one good year left, so why not bring in David Lee to take over the four spot when Duncan retires?

Please don't get me wrong. I'm not saying Lee is anywhere near the level of Duncan's greatness, but trading Parker allows more cap flexibility in the future and gives the Spurs an all-star forward in Lee.

A future front line of David Lee and DeJuan Blair might not be the tallest in the league, but both play hard and rebound like it's their job.

The Spurs' window has closed, so now it's time to look to the future.

Hill, Lee, and Blair isn't a bad place to start, especially if they can get one more name somewhere down the line.

On the other side, this is a dream scenario for the Knicks.

Parker gives them the all-star caliber point guard that Mike D'Antoni needs for his system.

Let's face it, you're not going to win much when Chris Duhon is running the show.

Trading Lee frees up the space to sign Parker and then also have the possibility at landing LeBron and one other free agent, such as Boozer or Bosh.

The Knicks would go from being a laughing stock to scary good if they have Parker, Bosh, and King James in the starting five.

It works for Parker as well because the Knicks would be willing to give him the money he wants, the spotlight every big time player loves, and the opportunity to the be top PG again (and not have to worry about losing your job in the near future).

Like I said, the time has come to break up the Spurs Big Three and look to the future.ย  The Spurs can take a step in the right direction toward rebuilding the franchise, while the Knicks can become instant contenders.

Everybody wins.


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