2010 NBA Mock Draft: How Far Will Cousins Fall?

Tanner ThomsSenior Analyst IJune 18, 2010

SYRACUSE, NY - MARCH 25:  DeMarcus Cousins #15 of the Kentucky Wildcats runs up court against the Cornell Big Red during the east regional semifinal of the 2010 NCAA men's basketball tournament at the Carrier Dome on March 25, 2010 in Syracuse, New York.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
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1. Washington Wizards- John Wall, PG, Kentucky, 6-4, 196 pounds, freshman
Top targets for Washington: John Wall

I'm only going to list John Wall as a top target for Washington. They have no intention of working out anybody besides Wall, meaning he will be the No. 1 overall pick soon.

John Wall is one of the more pro-ready players, obviously. His game is often compared to Derrick Rose, which is always a compliment.

Wall is tremendous at driving into the lane, and can also nail the jumper when he needs to. He averaged 6.5 assists per game in nearly 35 minutes each game.

2. Philadelphia 76ers- Evan Turner, SG, Ohio State, 6-7, 214 pounds, junior
Top targets for Philadelphia: Evan Turner, Derrick Favors

I don't see the 76ers considering anybody besides Evan Turner or Derrick Favors. At this point in time, Philadelphia looks to be leaning towards taking Turner with the second overall pick.

They've already discussed moving Elton Brand to center, Thaddeus Young to power forward, and Andre Iguodala to small forward.

Evan Turner is without a doubt the most pure shooter eligible to be drafted this year. He should step in from day one to help turn around one of the more legendary franchises in NBA history.

3. New Jersey Nets- Derrick Favors, PF, Georgia Tech, 6-10, 245 pounds, freshman
Top targets for New Jersey: Derrick Favors, Greg Monroe, DeMarcus Cousins

The Nets are undoubtedly looking to draft a power forward with this selection. Derrick Favors is the best player on the board, therefore I see New Jersey leaning in his direction.

Yi Jianlian has not been the player he was expected to be ever since being drafted with the sixth overall pick in the 2008 draft by the Milwaukee Bucks.

Derrick Favors has a unique combination of power and quickness, so he will have an easy time dominating in the paint once he gets to the pro level.

4. Minnesota Timberwolves- Wes Johnson, SF, Syracuse, 6-7, 206 pounds, junior
Top targets for Minnesota: Wes Johnson

The Minnesota Timberwolves seem set on taking Wes Johnson with the fourth overall pick if he's available for their choosing. Recently, Minnesota declined to bring in DeMarcus Cousins for a workout.

Corey Brewer, drafted to be the Wolves future starter at small forward, played all of last season at shooting guard. Although he did have a bounce-back year, Brewer is not a natural shooting guard.

Johnson is a very quick player that can score the ball from all over the perimeter. His game mostly resembles that of Shawn Marion of the Dallas Mavericks.

5. Sacramento Kings- Greg Monroe, PF, Georgetown, 6-11, 247 pounds, sophomore
Top targets for Sacramento: Greg Monroe, DeMarcus Cousins, Ed Davis

Sacramento made a tremendous first-round-pick last season taking the rookie of the year in Tyreke Evans with the fourth overall pick. This time around, the Kings will focus on taking a big man like Greg Monroe.

Jason Thompson has a future at center if he continues to beef up a little bit more. There is no doubt that he has the strength to play the position.

Greg Monroe is like a point guard in a power forward's body. He's one of the best passing big-men in the draft.

6. Golden State Warriors- Al-Farouq Aminu, SF, Wake Forest, 6-8, 216 pounds, sophomore
Top targets for Golden State: Al-Farouq Aminu, Gordon Hayward, DeMarcus Cousins

Golden State is another team that made a great draft pick in the first round of last year's draft. The Warriors took Stephen Curry with the seventh overall selection in the 2009 draft.

As most of us should know, the Warriors are a three-point shooting team. That is often the shot they set up when coming down the court.

Al-Farouq Aminu isn't exactly known for his three-point shooting, but he can knock them down when he's wide open. He would be an excellent fit for the Warriors offense.

7. Detroit Pistons- DeMarcus Cousins, PF/C, Kentucky, 6-11, 292 pounds, freshman
Top targets for Detroit: DeMarcus Cousins, Ed Davis

I think this one is a given for the Pistons if Cousins is still on the board. They need a big man who can score. DeMarcus Cousins is the perfect fit for that need.

Detroit has one of the better back-courts in the Eastern conference with the combination of Rodney Stuckey and Richard "Rip" Hamilton. They need to focus primarily on their front-court.

DeMarcus Cousins had a tremendous freshman year with the Kentucky Wildcats this past season. He averaged 15 points and nearly 10 rebounds in only 23.5 minutes per contest.

8. LA Clippers- Luke Babbitt, SF, Nevada, 6-9, 218 pounds, sophomore
Top targets for LA Clippers: Luke Babbitt, Gordon Hayward, Paul George

The Clippers had the No. 1 overall selection last year where they took Blake Griffin, a power forward from Oklahoma University.

Los Angeles has the money to sign two max contracts this off-season, which could mean LeBron James and possibly even Chris Bosh if they really wanted him as well.

Luke Babbitt is one of the best shooters in the draft. He averaged 21.9 points per game this past season, including 41 percent from beyond the three point line.

9. Utah Jazz- Cole Aldrich, C, Kansas, 6-10, 236 pounds, junior
Top targets for Utah: Cole Aldrich, Hassan Whiteside, Ed Davis

Mehmet Okur is 31 years-old, and is likely nearing the end of his career. I strongly doubt he's a major contributor for the Jazz next season.

There is also a good chance that Utah will lose Carlos Boozer. If they anticipate this happening, a power forward like Ed Davis or Patrick Patterson could be the pick instead of Aldrich.

Cole Aldrich is a very good inside presence. He has a 7-foot-4 wingspan that will allow him to shoot over some of the other power forward's and center's in the NBA.

10. Indiana Pacers- Ed Davis, PF, North Carolina, 6-10, 227 pounds, sophomore
Top targets for Indiana: Ed Davis, Patrick Patterson, Daniel Orton

The Pacers took arguably the best college basketball player of all-time in Tyler Hansbrough in the first round of the 2009 draft. Unfortunately, Hansbrough did not have the great year that many expected out of him.

I am a huge fan of Tyler, don't get me wrong, but I don't see him being the future at the power forward position for the Pacers. Ed Davis, his former teammatre, could be.

Davis is a very athletic, lengthy, and a great post-player. He will need to add on some weight and strength if he wants to go up against the Al Holford's, Carlos Boozer's, and Dirk Nowitzki's of the world.

11. New Orleans Hornets- Gordon Hayward, SF, Butler, 6-8, 211 pounds, sophomore
Top targets for New Orleans: Gordon Hayward, Paul George, Patrick Patterson

Last year, the Miami Heat took Marcus Thornton with the 43rd overall pick, only to go on to trade him right to the New Orleans Hornets. What a great move for New Orleans. Thornton was named to the All-Rookie second team.

Peja Stojakovic is nearing the end of his career. He only averaged 12.6 points per game last season. There is a good chance he will either go overseas, be traded, released, or just benched.

Gordon Hayward is a phenomenal shooter. He led the Butler Bulldogs all the way to the NCAA championship game where they wound up losing in a narrow margin to the Duke Blue Devils.

12. Memphis Grizzlies- Patrick Patterson, F, Kentucky, 6-9, 240 pounds, junior
Top targets for Memphis: Patrick Patterson, Ekpe Udoh, Daniel Orton

Memphis drafted Hasheem Thabeet with the second overall pick in last year's draft. Thabeet went on to be the highest ever draft pick to be sent to the NBA D-league. This sums up his terrible rookie season.

The Grizzlies do not have that many needs at this point in time. However, if they do not resign Rudy Gay, they could have a lot of problems. It all depends on whether or not they can bring him back for a few more years.

Patrick Patterson is an excellent player. He didn't have the best year at Kentucky with John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins getting a lot of touches, though.

13. Toronto Raptors- Ekpe Udoh, PF, Baylor, 6-10, 237 pounds, freshman
Top targets for Tornoto: Ekpe Udoh, Daniel Orton, Craig Brackins

Toronto made a fairly good pick last year with DeMar Derozan. You might know him best for being the winner of the dunk-in at halftime of the NBA Rookies vs. Sophomores game.

The Raptors are a team that is going to struggle if they lose Chris Bosh this off-season, which is highly likely. Toronto is not exactly the hottest place to be right now.

Ekpe Udoh is a great rebounder and shot-blocker. His offensive game isn't the best it could be, but he has been working on it as of late.

14. Houston Rockets- Paul George, SF, Fresno St., 6-9, 214 pounds, sophomore
Top targets for Houston: Paul George, Daniel Orton, Devin Ebanks

Houston had a rare off-year this past season, but this was to be expected after Yao Ming went down with an injury back in early 2009.

The Rockets do have a great line-up with Aaron Brooks, Kevin Martin, Trevor Ariza, Luis Scola, and Yao Ming. However, their bench could use some work. Shane Battier is clearly not the same player he once was.

Paul George could go much higher than this. I've seen some mock drafts that have him going as high as eighth overall to the Los Angeles Clippers.

15. Milwaukee Bucks- Avery Bradley, SG, Texas, 6-3, 180 pounds, freshman
Top targets for Milwaukee: Avery Bradley, Xavier Henry, James Anderson

Milwauee shocked a lot of the NBA world when they made it into the playoffs as the sixth overall seed, facing the Atlanta Hawks in the first round. Even more surprising is that the Bucks took the Hawks to seven games.

The Bucks took a great player in Brandon Jennings with their first-rounder in 2009. Jennings even recorded an outstanding 55-point game early in the year.

Michael Redd can opt-out of his contract when free-agency begins on July 1st. He has proven to be injury-prone over the last few years, so he won't be as highly-coveted as he would have been two or three years ago.

16. Minnesota Timberwolves- Daniel Orton, PF/C, Kentucky, 6-10, 269 pounds, freshman
Top targets for Minnesota: Daniel Orton, Hassan Whiteside, Xavier Henry

With the second of their three first-round-picks, I expect the Timerwolves to focus on getting a big man that can bring down the boards.

Daniel Orton surprisingly came out after only one year at Kentucky. Nonetheless, he should provide some solid defense to a team that lacks it.

17. Chicago Bulls- Xavier Henry, SG, Kansas, 6-6, 210 pounds, freshman
Top targets for Chicago: Xavier Henry, James Anderson, Hassan Whiteside

I'm confident in the thought of LeBron James signing with the Chicago Bulls. Cleveland is not going to have the pieces around LeBron in order for him to win a title any time soon.

Chicago had two first-rounder's last year, where they took James Johnson and Taj Gibson. Although Gibson was the latter of the two picks, he performed the best on the court.

Xavier Henry is a very good player that has a great jump-shot. He lacks great speed, but his shooting ability makes up for it.

18. Miami Heat- Larry Sanders, PF/C, VCU, 6-10, 222 pounds, junior
Top targets for Miami: Larry Sanders, Gani Lawal, Damion James

After being the worst team in the league in 2008, Miami earned the fifth seed in the playoffs, facing Boston in the first round. Unfortunately for them, the Heat lost in five games.

I'm not going to have a shooting guard going here for the Heat because I feel that they will resign Dwyane Wade to a big contract.

The Heat are not very good in the front-court. Michael Beasley shows times where he can be good, but they did recently try to trade him for Keyon Dooling. Straight up.

19. Boston Celtics- James Anderson, SG, Oklahoma State, 6-6, 208 pounds, junior
Top targets for Boston: James Anderson, Elliot Williams, Dominique Jones

Currently, Boston is in an intense NBA finals series with the Los Angeles Lakers that is going the full seven games.

Ray Allen is scheduled to be a free-agent this summer. Despite the fact that he's 34 years old, Allen can still be a knock-down shooter at times. But he can also be terrible at times as well.

James Anderson could be Ray Allen's possible replacement if the Celtics don't retain him.

20. San Antonio Spurs- Devin Ebanks, SF, West Virginia, 6-8, 208 pounds, West Virginia
Top targets for San Antonio: Devin Ebanks, Damion James, Gani Lawal

Over the past two years, the San Antonio Spurs have made two excellent draft choices in George Hill in 2008 and DeJuan Blair in 2009.

San Antonio made it to the second round of the playoffs, where they were totally bamboozled by the Suns in four games.

Richard Jefferson is scheduled to be a free-agent this off-season. He could be re-signed, but he's aging anyways.

21. Oklahoma City Thunder- Damion James, SF, Texas, 6-7, 227 pounds, senior
Top targets for Oklahoma City: Damion James, Trevor Booker, Gani Lawal

Oklahoma City took James Harden with the third overall pick in last year's draft. Although he was the sixth man, Harden had a fairly strong season with the Thunder.

The Thunder are a very young team that will look to get even younger with a solid pick late in the first round. They should focus on finding a small forward that can spell Kevin Durant every now and then.

Damion James played all four years with the Texas Longhorns during his college career. He has tremendous athleticism and is built very strong.

22. Portland Trail Blazers- Craig Brackins, PF, Iowa St., 6-10, 229 pounds, junior
Top targets for Portland: Craig Brackins, Gani Lawal, Trevor Booker

Portland played very well this past season, making it into the playoffs with the sixth seed. The Blazers took the Suns to six games but lost.

The Trail Blazers will be a good team for many years to come, but will have some problems since Andre Miller and Marcus Camby are both getting older and older by the day.

LaMarcus Aldridge is set at power forward, but the Blazers could use somebody that will bring a big spark off the bench.

23. Minnesota Timberwolves- Gani Lawal, PF, Georgia Tech, 6-9, 233 pounds, junior
Top targets for Minnesota: Gani Lawal, Trevor Booker, Kevin Seraphin

Yeah seriously, they're up again. This team must love having all of these draft picks. It's going to be a treat seeing what they do with all of this young talent.

Gani Lawal's stock has dropped recently, but I do see him going in the first round. Minnesota could use depth if they decide to trade Kevin Love, which looks like a strong possibility at this point.

24. Atlanta Hawks- Eric Bledsoe, G, Kentucky, 6-1, 192 pounds, freshman
Top targets for Atlanta: Eric Bledson, Armon Johnson, Terrico White

In my opinion, Eric Bledsoe is another freshman that came out too early from Kentucky. He could have benefited from another year with the Wildcats.

Atlanta needs to find some more young talent that will be able to carry the team. Mike Bibby is nearing the end of his career. He's clearly not the player he once was with the Sacramento Kings.

Eric Bledsoe, despite coming out too early, is still a very good player. He could be like a Jamal Crawford 2.0.

25. Memphis Grizzlies- Armon Johnson, G, Nevada, 6-3, 190 pounds, junior
Top targets for Memphis: Armon Johnson, Terrico White, Stanley Robinson

Memphis, with their second pick, should focus on getting a guard that can get to the basket in a hurry.

Armon Johnson is one of the quickest guards in this year's draft. He will be able to drive to the basket for the easy lay-in.

26. Oklahoma City Thunder-Hassan Whiteside, C, Marshall, 7-0, 227 pounds, freshman
Top targets for Oklahoma City: Hassan Whiteside, Trevor Booker, Kevin Seraphin

Oklahoma City should continue to focus on their front-court with this pick. Their back-court has plenty of depth with Russell Westbrook and Eric Maynor at point guard. At shooting guard, Thabo Sefolosha and James Harden should be there for years to come.

I understand that the Thunder drafted B.J. Mullens last year, but he doesn't appear to be the future at center for Oklahoma City.

27. New Jersey Nets- Stanley Robinson, SF, UConn, 6-8, 213 pounds, senior
Top targets for New Jersey: Stanley Robinson, Quincy Pondexter, Lazar Hayward

Another team with two first-round-picks. That means less typing for me, I suppose. With the 27th pick, I see the Nets looking for some depth at small forward.

After trading away Richard Jefferson, New Jersey did not find a great replacement for him. Bobby Simmons is seriously not going to cut it for them. Stanley Robinson should be a wonderful late-round pick for the Nets.

28. Memphis Grizzlies- Terrico White, G, Ole Miss, 6-5, 203 pounds, sophomore
Top targets for Memphis: Terrico White, Dominique Jones, Willie Warren

I really don't know what else Memphis needs at this point. I already filled two needs for them with a back-up forward and a point guard that can drive the lane. Well, I guess I will go for depth then.

Terrico White is an incredibly athletic player. Despite being 6-5, White is likely to play point guard in the NBA.

29. Orlando Magic- Dominique Jones, SG, South Florida, 6-4, 216 pounds, junior
Top targets for Orlando: Dominique Jones, Lance Stephenson, Quincy Pondexter

Orlando is a team destined for success once again next year. I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to trade away Vince Carter.

Sure, Vince provided the Magic with some good games. But then there were games when you would rather have him not even be on the court.

Dominique Jones is not a star by any means, but he can provide the Magic with even more depth on the bench. Also, J.J. Redick is scheduled to be a free-agent in less than two weeks.

30. Washington Wizards- Trevor Booker, PF, Clemson, 6-7, 236 pounds, senior
Top targets for Washington: Trevor Booker, Kevin Seraphin, Samardo Samuels

Washington, with the last pick of the first round, should look to find a potential replacement for Antawn Jamison.

It's highly unlikely that the 30th overall pick in the draft will be able to do any damage right away, but with a little time, Booker could be a nice player.


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