Draft Night Edition: Nets-Pacers Analysis and Lebron James Signaling.

Del ChocContributor IIJune 18, 2010

Nets: With the hiring of Avery Johnson, Nets are essentially deferring the next three years in preference of relocation to Brooklyn, revival of their lacking positions, and making court for Lebron James' expected small deal with Cavs.

Draft - Nets, just draft Greg Monroe. Put him aside Brook Lopez and you without doubt hGeorgetown's Greg Monroe ave the most skilled Front-Court in the league.

Derrick Favors - many have the Atlanta native crossing paths with Nets, I did at once, but it just isn't ideal considering he's raw and doesn't necessarily knock-the-socks off Coach Johnson's burn to win in two rather three or four years. He's also two years younger than
Georgetown's Greg Monroe, who most rule as the best passing big-man since Chris Webber. We know Favors can bench press more than the average 18-year-old, but digesting him after Monroe is a tough one to sell under seven days until the draft.

Trade - Pacers are a team with this backstair influence on me because of the pieces in place there. Bird ought to force his hand for that one up-to-date player that aligns with today's NBA trend. Ideally, on their roster, that trend is deficient and screaming out from their one. It's speed, athleticism, passing, name recognition and go-to ability they can use at the one before Danny Granger flames out. You see it in two Central Division rivals of theirs -- Derrick Rose, and Rodney Stuckey.

Pacers' Bird: "We want to offer you T.J. Ford, and Roy Hibbert. One player entail Harris' changing gear, TJ. But its more on the used side. Roy Hibbert is the promising asset. He was great with us since he has been here. Him, Lopez, and sources say y'all interested in Greg Monroe -- all bear to have great relationships in their first year together. What do you say?"

Nets': "PG position: seems up for grabs. SG position: Lee has been working hard this summer. SF: Williams and Johnson, can't wait. PF: Monroe, no brainer. C: Lopez. Sixth man: 12 points, 6 rebounds, and near 2 blocks per outing? Okay. Sounds like we got better."

Cavs: Primarily you want to entice Lebron James into staying by going about it in the most non-compromising way. Therefore, getting rid of Delonte West -- waive -- and establishing a younger base does more than plenty for the Akron native.

Spurs - Jamison, Conley, Grizzlies' 25th pick.

Cavs - Randolph, Spurs' 20th pick.

Grizzlies - T. Parker, Hickson.


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