2010 NBA Draft Preview: Terrico White

Del ChocContributor IIJune 17, 2010

Terrico White
213 pounds
20 years old
Shooting Guard

He has quick feet, good size, and plays the game with a canvas beside, and yet Terrico White continues to tease his spectators as he never inserts himself to which his capabilities suggest.

One game Terrico White might drop somewhere near 30-points on an opponent, then following such production he'll attempt a meager amount of shotsโ€”despite being the assuming player for Ole Miss. On January 23rd against LSU, White oddly attempted only four shots in a 19-minute display.

During one of the few games I have watched, he often stood around the perimeter with glances of alienation. And when he did get the ball, White quickly became indifferent and rotated the ball elsewhere.

His cautious approach becomes apparent as he deliberately passes on the bulk of shots if they aren't welcoming in his preference. For instance, White won't take many shots going away from the basket, instead most of his attempts are in close or off penetrated set-shots.

Provided Terrico may sound like a bland prospect with such descriptions, his athleticism has a totally different soul in its regimen with the way he shows sneaky flashes of "I'm up and now I'm down."

I honestly feel he could have been the best player in this year's exhibitions but such traits held him back from even getting mentioned. What shouldn't go without mentioning is his transition game. If given the proper opportunity, Terrico can do 360 dunks and visible flushes that capture his neck parallel of the hoop. He gets up!

Yes, he's very erratic and intriguing for such a sophomore. But still, you can't waver the fact that his skills are there, and having his next coach extract the perfectionist out of him will benefit Terrico greatly. Just tone it down a bit.

Also, Terrico has a high-arc on every shot he attempts, and with such quickness added to his first-step, it'll be very hard to disrupt his drives.

White makes it a priority to keep the basketball very low to the ground, making it difficult for others to defend his shifty style.

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His mid-range game? Check.

I also commend his defensive upside, as his long arms bother the primary ball-handler for X-team.

He reminds me most of Tyreke Evans with a strong and conditioned build.

In order to see time in the NBA, the main thing for Terrico is he needs to find the obvious balance. Less worry, more playing.

Bulls: Lets just say he has the most potential in regard to every PG/SG in this year's NBA Draft.

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