NBA Finals 2010: Comedian Rondell Sheridan's Game 7 Preview

Jose SalviatiCorrespondent IIJune 16, 2010

The latest in an ongoing series covering the NBA Finals with actor/comedian and NBA season ticket holder Rondell Sheridan .

Today, I step aside and just let Rondell rant. This is quality stuff and it's all Rondell, I'm just the messenger!

Game 7 is the final frontier. To go where no man has gone before, well at least Coach
Jackson. I canʼt believe he has never coached a game 7, but then again that's a pretty cool stat to have. It means that you have either won a lot of series or lost a lot. And we all know in the case of Obi Wan Jackson, heʼs won a lot of games. Damn, if games won were a stock, Jackson would be a blue chip commodity.

Okay so enough of my man crush. Iʼd like to talk about game 6, but there is really not
much to say. The moment Perkins went down, it was all over for Boston. The Celtics got out rebounded 52-39. What's tragic about that stat is that they got out rebounded while the Lakers only shot 42%. That seemed like a recipe for a sure victory, but when you only shoot 33% and allow Gasol to go off for 17-13-9, just one assist shy of a triple double, well, thatʼs all she wrote.

Once Perkins was out of the game, Gasol feasted. Now it didnʼt really matter what
Bynum did or didnʼt do, because with out anybody leaning on him, Pau could just go on cruise control. Also, it didnʼt hurt that Artest got off to quick start. The Lakers had
everything going for them, Shannon Brown even showed up to appear in the highlight
reel. Something he hadnʼt done this whole series.

Coach Jackson actually answered some questions I had about whether it might be
prudent to put Powell or Mbenga in the game to take some fouls and pressure off
Bynum. Lamar was even workman-like with 10 rebounds. All in all, once the Lakers had
control of the boards, they just spread the floor; Boston was out of bullets. The Lakers smelling blood, out hustled the Celtics forcing them to 14 turnovers.

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As exciting as it was for the Lakers, Boston seemed to just give up. Once the first
quarter was over and it was apparent that Perkins was not coming back, even though
they were only down by 10, the green leadership seemed to just give up. Perkins is their defensive stopper who puts a body on Bynum and Gasol. Without him, Boston is down a seven footer. That was never more apparent than the lopsided rebounding stats in the first half, 30-13 in favor of the Lakers.

The Celtics never looked more out of place than in the third quarter where they missed
put backs and layups. They simply gave up on team play and resorted to one on
one basketball with very little ball rotation. They put up a valiant effort but with
shooting 21.% in threeʼs and Perkins out, there wasnʼt much they could do. Shrek and
Donkey were just a memorable sound bite.

Now, as for game 7, if nobody is going to do it, Iʼll waive the white flag. I wish I could say
that Boston will win; I wish I could say Boston has a chance; but honestly, I just donʼt
see it. If Perkins doesnʼt play, Boston will have to play a perfect game, and they will have to shoot above 50%. The threeʼs will have to rain like Noahʼs ride is parked outside.

Wallace will have to work overtime both defensively and offensively. Allen should check
the Staples Center lost and found and see if he left his three point shooting there.

But the biggest thing they will have to do is rotate the ball and hope Rondo can find a
spot to penetrate. But without some dominate block outs in the middle, that ainʼt
gonna happen. Think back to Lakers, when Phoenix pulled the zone on them. They will
have to play that well to win.

And yet, even if Boston does all of that, they still donʼt have a chance. Thursday night
we will all see the swollen belly of the beast known as Kobe. The Black Mamba will
feast. Without Perkins in the middle, the Lakers have the advantage. Or should I say
Gasol will have the advantage. Perkinsʼ big body was effective when he had to guard
Gasol. Not having him in the paint, the Lakers bigs can just scoop up rebounds. The
Lakers will feed off a home court that is desperate to show that they are the best of

show. Break out the Lowenbrau. Tonights the night.
And with that said, if Kobe and the gang are parade bound, one cannot ignore this
simple prediction.

Kobe Winning will make Lebron leave Cleveland. If Kobe wins, nobody will be talking
about anybody else, once the dust settles. Not DWade, not LBJ, Not Bosh, Not Amare.
Nobody. 5 Rings will rule this Modern era, and all of those guys will know it.

If Kobe wins Thursday night, he will replace Jordan as the greatest all time player. Yeah
I know, thatʼs basketball blasphemy, but in the eyes of the young kids who never saw
Jordan play, he will be seated at the throne all by himself. In this modern era of no
Jordan, 5 rings will rule. And believe me, those sitting to his left and right of the throne—they all know it too. How long can James be king without a ring to kiss? DWade has one ring, but is that enough hardware to Flash? Superman proved that without another player from Krypton, heʼs just a guy in a cape.

Trust me, Kobe winning his 5th championship will have a huge impact on what happens
come July 1st. You will have 5 or 6 players deciding their futures based on either money
or rings. Some will decide they will never get a ring, so why not get the money. Otherʼs
have the money and wonder where they can get ring. Never has the road to second place
seemed more like a journey than it has now.

But like I said, in this era, 5 rings will rule. The only one safe right now is Robert Horry.
And I hear heʼs building a bunker to hide his bling, cause trust me, with the Lakers deep
pockets, next stop 6. And then well...
I gotta go. Its been fun. I gotta go get some sun screen and some trophy polish.

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