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Arman HaiderContributor IJune 16, 2010

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 In my previous article "Rebuild Stage", I talked about all the things the Raptors are working on, and who they are trading and who they might end up trading. Well now, the stage has begun.

This team has definitly been through some struggles, as they seem far from success, although to get there you have to start somewhere right? Well let me take you through the latest of the rumours and draft speculations out there.

Hedo Turkoglu

The latest news from Hedo stage that Bryan Collangelo has already worked together a trade with an unnamed team to trade Turkoglu on Draft day. This could help the raptors aquire 2 new pieces for their new franchise, and get rid of one of their biggest contracts weighing down the team.

Jose Calderon

Now Jose has been in many trade discussions, but that has not changed yet. It seems the Raptors still have Jose on the table up for trades, but in return they arn't looking for another point guard. So scratch that Moe Williams rumour for the 2010-2011 list. From the most recent news for Jose, it is said that if Bosh decides to leave Toronto in a sign and trade deal, Jose will be included to whichever team is aquiring Bosh.

June 24th

This day is one of the biggest days in Toronto's offseason. Draft Night. The Raptors already have a 13th pick in their hands, and they are not looking to move it up or down, instead are looking for another pick. As above, Turkoglu could be a part of helping the Raptors recieve a new draft pick. The Most likely pick right now going for 13th is going to be Avery Bradley. There are other possibilites as well, but lets look through the players of interest.

Now lets be fair, the 13th pick isn't the greatest pick out there, but its a start. It may not give us a superstar, but it could give us an allstar, or a very good role player. Lets start the name of prospects with the one everyone has heard of most.

Avery Bradley

Everyone heard of John Wall by now right? Well did you know Avery Bradley was the name along with John Wall for best player coming out of highschool? This guy is alot like John Wall, but just doesn't have that pointguard vision like John. Avery Bradley is one of the best guards coming into the NBA in this draft class. He has a solid mid range, and is known for his great perimeter defence, which is something the raptors desperatly need. This kid is also extremely athletic, and if raptors draft him they will see the most athletic back court of Toronto, best since Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady. Avery Bradley won the McDonald's Dunk Contest back in 2008, and the Resume for this guy just keeps going. If the Raptors draft him, they will lack a pure PG, such as Calderon, but they will certainly fill that defence hole, and be one of the more exciting teams. If you have anything bad to say about this guy, then go ahead. I'm actually looking forward to seeing him play in a Raptors jersey.

Hassan Whiteside

Hassan Whiteside is one of the best blockers coming into the league, as he averaged 5.4 BPG in his Freshman year in the NCAA, although he lacks the offensive ability. This guy could make a great fit for the raptors, mainly because picking him puts Bargnani in his original spot, the 4. With Bargnani playing the 4, he is able to play much easier, and won't have as much pressure on the defensive end. Rumours are Raptors are going to pick Avery Bradley, and try to pick this guy up with a Trade deal.

The Draft 

Those two guys are the biggest names in the Raptors draft rumour. Anyone else would be a bust for all of the Raptors fans. These two are the most exciting and best players available at our 13th pick, seemingly everyone better then them will be picked. If any of the Top 10 projected prospects slip to their pick, we will most likely chose that player.

What to expect?

The Raptors are found to be the team making the most calls and making the most deals right now. Bryant Collangelo is working extremely hard to try to get this franchise back together, whether its with or with out Bosh. By the way, don't keep your hopes up for him returning. The Raptors are one of the teams expected to make the most changes to their lineup, expect to see them without atleast 3 of their starting 5 gone for next season. I say this team will either make the playoffs next year, or win less than 40 games next season. Lets hope for the best!

Any Fake Rumours?

The biggest fake rumour about this team out there right now is Jarrett Jack. Many rumours are out there saying JJ will follow Chris Bosh if he leaves, or that he's in the trade market for the Raptors. Jack found out about what the media was saying, and cleared it with Bryan Collangelo that he doesn't have any plans to leave.

Another news, from my last article I spoke of Micheal Beasley coming to the Raptors with a sign and trade deal for Bosh, if Bosh wants to leave. This trade is currently on hold and will only happen if CB decides he wants to be Wade's new Robin.


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