NBA Finals Game Six: Lakers Vs. Celtics Live Blog

Sam BlumCorrespondent IJune 16, 2010

BOSTON - JUNE 13:  Rasheed Wallace #30 of the Boston Celtics shoots over Kobe Bryant #24 of the Los Angeles Lakers during Game Five of the 2010 NBA Finals on June 13, 2010 at TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
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6:15 p.m PST: So here we are. This could be the final game of this NBA season. Sorry for the short delay. We are in the first quarter Los Angeles leads Boston 14-12. 

6:17: Lakers have scored eight straight. However, the Celtics have won two straight and now lead this series three games to two as the teams are now headed back to Hollywood for the series' final two games. 18-12.

6:19: Ray Allen leads the Celtics with eight so far. The same case for Kobe Bryant

6:21: Kendrick Perkins injured himself before the last timeout, his status for the future is unclear. Kevin Garnett gets the bucket, 18-14. 

6:22: Rasheed Wallace is known to have a bad temper, he already has a technical foul tonight, as Kobe already has 11 points. 23-16 Lakers. 

6:24: Ron Artest has scored the last five points for the Lakers, 26-16. Pierce responds with a two pointer. 

6:28: Well although this series will be over this week, on Friday the Boston Red Sox will be taking on the Los Angeles Dodgers. Something tells me that series will have be very important for the Fenway Faithful. 

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6:29: Lakers coach Phil Jackson was criticized for his remarks during a timeout, while "wired" during the fourth quarter in game five, where he said that the Celtics were the best at blowing fourth quarter leads. The Celtics did hold on. 

6:31: Nate Robinson loses his balance as the buzzer horns, 28-18, after one quarter. 

6:37: This is a better Lakers team we are seeing, better defense, better offense, better rebounding. The team that has lead after the first quarter has won all five of the games so far. 30-20, Lakers. 

6:39: The commercials of these finals have been so long. There was about five minutes in between quarters. The Lakers have responded so far tonight. A lot of people thought going in that this might be the final game. 

6:41: Hard foul from Wallace. He can be a curse for a team, and he can also be a savior. 

6:43: Bryant is fouled as we head into a timeout. 

6:47: Lets take some comments/questions here. The Celtics look sluggish right now. Foul on Glen Davis of a Garnett miss. Question: Will the Celtics be able to make a game of this? (Jordan Farmar makes it a 15 point game). 

6:49: Laker bench dominating. No rebounding from the Celtics. 40-23. Timeout. 

6:51: The Celtics need to calm down, gain momentum, and start to chip away. 12 or less by halftime is a good goal. Foul on Gasol.

6:54: The "Big Baby" misses two free throws, but Pierce gets a bucket to cut it to 15. 

6:55: Sasha Vujacic hits a three, then it is followed by a HUGE slam by Jordan Farmar, Lakers lead by 20, until Pierce answers once again. Timeout. 

6:57: 4:47 remains in the first half, Lakers lead the Celtics 45-27. 

6:59: Josh Powell comes in for the Lakers, first appearance in NBA Finals. Ron Artest hits a shot. Rajon Rondo cannot answer. 

7:01: Celtics miss dunk, Lakers get two. Story of the night. Garnett bury's the long two. The previous 22 point lead was the largest of the Finals. 

7:03: No one on the Celtics has really stepped up. We might need to see some dominance from one player to pick up this team. 

7:05: 49-29, 2:17 remains. 

7:06: Rondo misses a dunk. Another jump ball coming up with 1:32 remaining in the half. 

7:08: Third foul on Derek Fisher. Lakers ball after another Celtics fail. Vujacic proceeds to airball it. 

7:09: Pierce hits a two. They will probably finish the first half with just 31 points though. 

7:11: Buzzer sounds on a crazy first half. 51-31. Lakers lead. 

7:19: The Lakers have blown a twenty point lead to the Celtics in the Finals before. Is a repeat in the making? 

7:31: Game about to start. 

7:32: More bad news for the Celtics. Perkins out for the game. Furthermore, is this bad play a result of a Perkinsless team for the Celtics? 

7:34: A slew of missed shots for the Celtics to start until Rondo puts one in. 

7:36: More missed shots for the Lakers/Celtics, 51-33, 9:37 to go. 

7:39: Kobe trying to make it a 20 point game with a three-point play. He does. 

7:41: Offensive intensity picking up for both teams. 

7:46: Shannon Brown gets another dunk out of the timeout. This night was made for the Lakers. 

7:47: 17 point game as Bryant goes to the line, he will make it a 19 point game probably.

7:49: It might not be represented on the scoreboard, but the Celtics are looking much better in the second half. They are just missing some easy shots, and taking some bad ones. 

7:52: The Celtics have been unable to get back to back hoops. 17 point lead. Then back to 19. They will need to actually try to get a stop in order to win. This has been a pathetic effort tonight from the Celtics. 

7:57: 22 point game. This game can all but be put in the books. This is not a NBA Finals caliber effort from the Celtics. 

8:00: 25 point game. Robinson bad shot. Third quarter over, 76-51. EESH!

8:06: Celtics need a huge burst of energy here. And they cannot continue to miss easy shots. 

8:08: Celtics have folded. Down by 27, 10:37 to go. 

8:10: Pretty shot, plus free throw for Robinson. 

8:11: The Celtics should at least pick it up so that they can have some momentum going into game seven on Thursday. Timeout. 

8:16: You have to wonder if the Celtics are fatigued, is a long season catching up now? Or is it the time difference. Halfway through the fourth, 80-58. 

8:18: Kobe Bryant called for a technical. Wow. 

8:24: Doc Rivers going with a couple new guys. They seem to have put up the white flag. 

8:30: Lakers just trying to run out the clock with 2:42 to go. 

8:33: Any comments on tonight's game? Feel free to let me know. 

8:37: It is officially GARBAGE TIME. Less than a minute to go until game seven is set. 

8:38: IT IS A FINAL, 89-67 (No, that's not a typo). Game seven, Thursday, 9:00 P.M. Thank you for joining me! 

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