New York Rangers Trivia Challenge: Round One

Greg CaggianoSenior Writer IJune 15, 2010

All throughout my time covering hockey, I have raved about the book 100 Ranger Greats and interviewed its authors.

Right now, you have a chance to own this book if you do not already have it. Today begins FNYTSF’s first ever hockey trivia challenge!

This book is a spectacular mix of statistics, stories, and Ranger folklore and is a must-read for any Ranger fan.

It is also selling on Amazon for an upwards of $25. But this 240-page, hardcover book can be yours in just three weeks if you feel like answering some questions.


All the answers to these questions can be found in the book and most likely somewhere online.

There will be three rounds of five questions each, and they will get harder as the rounds move on.

The person with the most correct answers will win the book. If there is a tie between participants, it will be settled privately with an e-mail question.

In order to enter, you must e-mail your answers to me at nyr1199@comcast.net .

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The e-mail subject must also clearly read in caps “RANGERS TRIVIA CHALLENGE.” I get a lot of e-mails, and I don’t want to accidentally delete yours, so please label it as such.

You must also include your full name and the city/state you reside so you can be given proper recognition on the leader-board when it gets updated.

The questions will be posted every Tuesday so answers must be in by midnight on Monday.

There is no set time of day that the questions will be posted, so if you are not one who checks the site regularly, I highly suggest becoming a subscriber.

Please scroll down on the right side and find where it says “E-mail Subscriber.”

By clicking “Sign Me Up,” you will be sent an e-mail each time an article is posted, and that includes the trivia every Tuesday.

Have fun and good luck!

Click here to view questions.

Please visit my blog "From New York to San Francisco."

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