Germany vs. Australia World Cup: Germany To Win the World Cup, Thanks Adidas

Brian RhodesSenior Analyst IJune 13, 2010

With the German team two up against Australia in the second half of their group 'D' game, it is interesting to see just how composed they are on the ball? The Germans need a win to keep up with Ghana who beat Serbia by a single goal earlier in the day.

Germany who have come into the tournament with a young and relatively inexperienced side but with a distinct advantage over every other nation. The Adidas Jabulani ball.

This would seem a strange statement to make considering the controversy that has arisen around the ball. There have been complaints about the ball from every direction.

The US reserve Keeper, Marcus Hahnamann, was reported to have told Clint Dempsey to take as many speculative shots on goal as possible, because of the erratic flight of the ball.

Algeria defender Madjid Bougherra said of the goal that his nation conceded, “For sure, it is the ball, you could see it moving, and once it bounced in front of him it just took off and gave a crazy bounce.”

Slovenia captain Robert Koren who scored, said of the ball, “Every player, if he is being honest, will tell you there is something strange about the ball, it is different to what we are used to and it gives keepers a big problem – like we saw today.”

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Adidas claim the ball is the most perfect ball ever produced. It complies with all the laws of the game. Law 2, of Association Football states that a regulation football has to comply with set parameters, it has to be between 68–70 cm (27–28in) in circumference, a weight of 410–450g (14–16oz), and inflated to a pressure of 0.6–1.1 at (59–108 kPa 8.5–15.6 psi) "at sea level".

The fact that the ball complies with Law 2, of the game isn't the problem. It is that Adidas have supplied the ball to the Bundesliga for the past season, and with every player in the German team home based in the Bundesliga they have had an unfair advantage of a full season to be prepared for using the ball.

The German team have demonstrated that to get the best out of the ball you have to keep it on the ground, and even when shooting if you want to be accurate try to keep over the ball.

Ultimately, how far the German nation goes in thetournament will depend on how quick other nations come to terms with the idiosyncrasies of the Jubulani ball. Good luck for the second half Australia, you are going to need it.

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