An Open Letter To Donald Sterling from All Clipper Fans

Jose SalviatiCorrespondent IIJune 9, 2010

NEW YORK - MARCH 15: Inductee David Geffen attends the 25th Anniversary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2010 induction ceremony at The Waldorf Astoria Hotel on March 15, 2010 in New York City.  (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)
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Dear Mr. Sterling,

Thank you! Thank you for moving the team to Los Angeles. Thank you for 2006. Thank you for the wonderful times and smattering of success you have orchestrated in your time owning the Clippers. Seriously, thank you.Β  Now, its time for you to man-up and do the team the greatest good possible.

Mr. Sterling, its time to leave.

I don't mean this with any disrespect at all. Sure, some can point to the downside of your ownership, and there have been some. Overall however under your ownership, the team saw success. You made coming to Staples to watch professional basketball fun and relatively inexpensive. I have no complaints.

The problem is, others do have some issues, Mr. Sterling. One person in particular being LeBron James. You see, he is a free agent this year, available to sign with any team of his choosing. I imagine you might of caught wind of this fact. However, without a real general manager or coach in place, it's possible it may have eluded you.Β  Thanks to some deft moves by Mike Dunleavy, you remember him -- right, the Clippers actually have enough money to possibly entice arguably the best player in the Association.

James has made it clear, Mr. Sterling, that he wants to play for a championship and in a global media market. Hard to beat Los Angeles on both counts. The Clippers offer a supporting cast that includes two former All-Stars in Baron Davis and Chris Kaman along with two young guns with All-Star potential in Eric Gordon and Blake Griffin. Add a solid big man off the bench in DeAndre Jordan and you have the nucleus for a solid team that can make some noise in the playoffs when you add The King.

As far as global media market, well, come on. The only place that can even touch the City of Angels is New York, but that team is in disarray. That leaves you in the drivers seat, Mr. Sterling!

So, whats the problem, you might be thinking? Lets get this Mr. James on the phone and sign him. Well, it's not that easy. You see, although L.A. is a great spot for him and the Clippers offer a great supporting cast, well... how can I put this bluntly, he isn't all that fond of you.

I know, I know, its odd and I'm not saying I totally agree, but people talk and rumors grow. You know how it is, right? There are these nasty murmurs around the Association that you don't pay well, aren't particularly loyal and have doomed the franchise to ultimate failure. Oh, and some think you're a racist. I know, hogwash, but trying to stop a rumor once it hits the Internet is like trying to get pee out of the ocean.

So, it comes to this, Mr. Sterling. You have had a long run; a successful run, by some standards. You made a lot of money and you rose to celebrity status in L.A., the celebrity capital of the world! Well done! I know you love your Clippers, which is why, I think, you have to leave.

There is this guy, David Geffen, who knows James and seems to be confident he can get him to wear a Clipper jersey next year. You heard that right, Mr. Sterling. LeBron James, the two-time MVP wearing Clipper red, white and blue! It's possible. All you have to do is sell 51% controlling interest to Geffen.

The Clippers are worth at, or around, $300 million. How would you like a check for $151 million, Mr. Sterling? You bought the team for $20 million for goodness sakes! Plus, you get to keep 49% ownership and be the man who selflessly stepped aside to bring The King to Los Angeles.

In any language that's a win, win, win situation, Mr. Sterling.

I speak for all of Los Angeles when I say thank you for everything. Now, go away.


All Los Angeles Clipper fans

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