International Prospect Donatas Motiejunas Withdraws from the 2010 NBA Draft

DeAnte MitchellCorrespondent IJune 4, 2010

International prospect Donatas Motiejunas has officially withdrawn from the 2010 NBA Draft. Motiejunas is a 6'11'' forward who was said to be a lottery pick.

Why did he withdraw from the NBA draft? I have no idea. Maybe he didn't like how his draft stock kept falling in every different mock draft.

Although Motiejunas wasn't the greatest NBA prospect, one thing that the scouts fell in love with was his ability on offense.

He created his own shot, and had the range to knock down three balls consistently at the next level. However, he was more in-depth with the mid-range game: the pick-and-pop and spot-up jumpers on the elbow.

With that, he also has good ball-handling skills that he uses well when driving in the paint. Anything that had to do with offense, you could believe that Motiejunas was equipped with. He has a very good shot, form, and nice follow-through. He is very offensively polished, and that's one thing that didn't scare scouts away.

There were a lot of things that impressed scouts about Motiejunas, but there were also things that they didn't like. 

He wasn't a strong defender internationally, and his small body wasn't going to translate well in the NBA. He was one of those guys who would have been drafted to play one end of the court.

What I mean is that Donatas Motiejunas was an offensive threat. On the defensive end, you should hide him, because whether or not he's out there, it wouldn't make a difference. 

Also, Motiejunas is the guy who takes plays off, doesn't really play hard most of the time, and in my mind, is not physically or mentally ready for the challenges that the NBA will bring.

He wasn't going to have a definite position in the NBA, and he has given himself another year to correct all these flaws.

Donatas Motiejunas will be a good NBA prospect, but this decision to bypass the NBA and develop skills should be a good thing for him.


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