6 Reasons Why This Years Finals Are Different From 2008's

Jeff AllenContributor IJune 4, 2010

We all know that in 2008 the LA Lakers and Boston Celtics met up in the NBA finals.The result was a Celtics series win in 6.Here are 6 things that make this match-up different

1.Ron Artest replaces Vladimir Radmonivic

In 2008 ,Paul Pierce averaged 19.6 points ,5.1 rebounds and 4.5 assists and was named the finals mvp.Radmonivic is known for his 3 point shooting,not his defense,and it showed.Ron Artest is a MUCH

better defender than him and should make him much less of a factor than in 08.

2. Rajon Rondo is a much better player

Derek Fisher has been a defensive liability since last season.He struggled with Aaron Brooks,Russell Westbrook,Steve Nash and this wont be different.Like the last matchup ,Kobe will probaly defend him but then who defend Ray Allen? 

3.Lakers have home court-instead of the Celtics

Everyone plays better in front of their home crowd and the Lakers were 1-2 in the finals last year .But then again the Celtics are a good road team .But the Lakers need this home court advantage and it should be a benefit.

4.No James Posey 

James Posey made it  harder for Kobe in 08' and James was a consistently good 3 point shooter . Since then he is now an New Orleans Hornet and the Celtics have no one to replace him.I guess Paul Pierce and Ray Allen will be defending Kobe.

5.Andrew Bynum's health

Another good big man to help defend Perkins and Garnett to help out Gasol.This should have a big impact on the series result.

6.Kobe wants to catch Jordan.Celtics want to be a dynasty

They both have aspirations and want this Championship,Bad.Can Rasheed Wallace be consistent ? What about Lamar Odom? Did the ''Big 3'' Decline? Is Gasol still ''soft'' Will Kendrick Perkins pick up a technical foul and be suspended ? all these questions will be answered during the finals.. That's why this years finals are different than 2008's


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