The Rookies of NXT, Season 2

JC Augustine@Spartanjohn113Correspondent IJune 2, 2010

I have little or no opinon on this article because most of these rookies are unknowns; the first season of NXT's roster was considered the best of FCW so my hopes are low, for the most part. 

 Oh and these names are wikipedia links so you can look them up and get a better detailed report on the rookies.

There are only two interesting stars in this table—Joe Hening the son of Mr.Perfect and Kaval.

This show gave me a hang over and I need something to kill the pain. So goodluck to you all and I have a new article of what will happen (there will be a spoiler warning this time for those of you who don't have the cajones) with the Undertaker at the upcoming Fatal Fourway PPV.

Oh and here is a plug 

My friend has made it in the top 10 in the Walk the Talk Ric Flair impersonation contest. His name is Kyle Phillips. Please watch the video here:  


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(it is an updated version of his original) and vote for him at http://polldaddy.com/poll/3268660/ he is the third one down. 

He is the true spirit of the Nature Boy, RIC FLAIR. (everyone else in that contest sort of reminds me of Heath Slater from NXT) 

Kyle Phillips is a man with a dream, a dream to go to TNA Impact in Florida and give Hogan a piece of his mind!