Blackhawks' Heartfelt Story Removes Hellish Futility

Bleacher ReportSenior Analyst IJune 2, 2010

CHICAGO - MAY 31:  The Chicago Blackhawks celebrate after defeating the Philadelphia Flyers by a score of 2-1 to win Game Two of the 2010 NHL Stanley Cup Final at the United Center on May 31, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

In a town realizing that all the miserable droughts and sporting curses painfully paralyzed a disgusted city in America used to dense sporting activities and derision taunting Chicagothe most ecstatic sporting town in the countyhas been blasted as a pathetic community filled with much adversity.

It’s almost worse than a dynasty receding in mere moments, but in Chicago, misfortune and curses has left an entire city in despair, helpless of the unending calamity. And perhaps fans were scourged of witnessing championship glory, as the local franchises were barely observed for delighted success accomplished during the regular-season and in a single game alone.

It’s surprising that we’ve noticed and refused to dismiss the Chicago Blackhawks, once called the worst franchise in pro sports, when the organization was pathetically bungled for incompetence that hatched bleak disadvantages in recent memory.

When a dysfunctional franchise tries to rebuild around a depleted roster, facing more humiliation than before, all hellish episodes describe Chicago as a sporting town with much disgrace and absurdity.

It seems that the championship days have arrived for one franchise existing in a long-awaited town, finally removing doom that has stifled the ill-fated Cubs of escaping a 102-year World Series drought. And nearby on the Southside of Chicago, the White Sox have won it all only one time in 93 years.

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Flirting with the likings of Jay Cutler, a fallen star who was supposed to be a franchise quarterback and the best since Jim McMahon of the ’85 Bears stood as a legit gunslingerthe Bears are luckless, too, and won once in 46 years.

The last time you can recall such exhilarating play was during the Michael Jordan era, when he directed the Bulls to six titles in a single decade.

What’s discovered as an improbable run, following a superlative series in which the Blackhawks proved dominant in the latest renaissance turning point, the sturdy and winnable hockey franchise at home is two wins away from winning the Stanley Cup and becoming the latest champion of transcending grandeur and reviving deficits.

While most of the buzz is garnered strictly around two competent stars and faces within an emerging franchise in Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane, who have both developed as top scorers, Dave Bolland is a shutdown defender and has been a difference in the Blackhawks unimaginable postseason.

They held off the Philadelphia Flyers in a tense and neck-to-neck 2-1 win to take a commanding 2-0 lead in the series.

There’s a multitude of palatable fans in Chicago, believing one franchise can forestall the bleeding that has stained a mournful town for years, all because of the sporting letdowns. Whether that was Steve Bartman attempting to catch a foul ball that was playable in the late innings or President Obama and Oprah (the world’s most powerful man and woman), losing in the bid for the 2016 Olympics, the average Chicagoan has experienced the futility worst than any other sporting town.

So when the B-Hawks scored on consecutive plays executed brilliantly by Marian Hossa and an unexpected Ben Eager, more settling and soothing is that every Chicagoan had something worth screaming about.

All of the sudden, the United Center has become the hottest location in the Windy City, luring spectators to witness what could be the nicest and dazzling story in a long time and relieving any depressing or numb-minded theories involving dreadful memories in the past.

Once lulled of watching infinite torture, fans only attended the United Center for the beer. It seems that way at Wrigley Field, where fans refuse to attend, but instead turn one of the oldest venues in sports into a sports bar.

Despite all the woes, the Blackhawks are the beautiful story this season, particularly goalie Antti Niemi, who was originally a backup until starter Cristobal Huet evolved into a disappointment.

But when Niemi defended the nets in the San Jose series, he was flawed in surrendering seven goals and has translated the parallels in the Stanley Cup Finals.  He’s a tough-driven goalie, stopping 14 of his 32 saves in the third period against the Flyers.

By now, any hockey fanatic knows that Duncan Keith is the best defenseman, pestering and stopping any opposing player with his stamina and physicality. Being that the Hawks are aggressors defensively, bodies were banged against the glass and flew across the ice as tempers flared, triggering minor scuffles and verbal confrontations.

Without much star power from Toews and Kane, who both finished scoreless in two straight games, the team will make due with their presence, charisma, and strong mental outlookquality principles in polishing a game requiring much mastery and adrenaline.

The talk is heavy these days about the Blackhawks revitalizing a sense of conviction and erasing any tumultuousness. What’s happening in Chicago is an alarming feel-good story, confirming that the Hawks are one of the best pro franchises (by accomplishing the unthinkable) and are moving closer in capturing immortality, earning a championship after being devoid of winning the silver cup in 48 years.

Before we evaluate one of the cities mired in shambles, we may assume that the 'Hawks will win it all, based on their ability to score without the contributions of Toews or Kane, the top stars grabbing the most attention of late.

Ever since he arrived to the town with breezy skies, Toews, the superstar who emerged at the NHL level quickly, was accepted and greeted by fans. He’s the most beloved sports star in the city, currently, and the icon that Chicagoans admire.

Recently, the city of Chicago is experiencing felicity, thanks to the 'Hawks heartfelt story.

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