Reggie Kelly a Future Cincinnati Bengals Coach?

OneManCrimeWaveContributor IMay 21, 2010

I know I haven't posted on OneManCrimeWave for quite some time, and I would like to start back by posting about a guy that I believe doesn't get enough credit: Reggie Kelly. Although he's been getting some positive press here recently, I still don't believe he gets all the credit he deserves for everything he does both on and off the field.

So frequently in the NFL we become infatuated with superstar players with huge egos, but in my opinion the real superstars are the players like Reggie Kelly who was not necessarily blessed with all the physical tools to be considered an "elite" player but still does whatever it takes to make his team better.

Let's face it—Reggie Kelly is a damn good athlete or he would not be in the NFL, but Kelly does not possess the same God given ability as Jermaine Gresham. Some athletes let their competitive nature prohibit them from mentoring younger players who are trying to steal their jobs and ability to provide for their families—but not Reggie Kelly.

The stories I've been reading about Kelly's willingness to mentor younger players—like Gresham and Chase Coffman—have been very inspiring. Kelly is a true class act who is humbly doing whatever it takes to make the Cincinnati Bengals a better football team, even if that means sacrificing his own personal ambitions in the process.

With all that I've read, I would just like to say that I sincerely hope Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis remember all the sacrifices that Kelly has made for this organization when Reggie can no longer buckle his chinstrap and play the game of football at the professional level.

It's one thing for a guy to consider himself a TRUE team player when he doesn't have the physically ability to play the game any longer, but it's another when a guy has been doing it his entire career.

Although I don't believe Reggie Kelly has much gas left in the tank, it is my sincere hope that the Bengals will find a place for him within the organization where he can continue doing the thing he's best at—TEACHING. The NFL needs people like Reggie Kelly just as much as they do those like Chad Ochocinco—and make no mistake about it, in his own way Reggie Kelly IS a superstar.