Minnesota Timberwolves the Real Losers of the NBA Lottery

Tyler DickinsonContributor IMay 19, 2010

There are probably a lot of people out there that would say that the Nets were the biggest losers on lottery night, but I believe the Minnesota Timberwolves were the real losers.

The Nets actually have talent on their roster and players that at least try to win on their team. All the Timberwolves have is a bunch of overpaid, unathletic, busts that don't even care if they win or not.

Kahn is trying to play it off and say that the Timberwolves are in a good situation right now with all of their money, draft picks, and contracts that they have on the team, but they really aren't.

Think about it, if you were one of the top FAs of this year would you want to go sign with a team that has a horrible history, cold weather, and no guarantee that you would be there in a couple of weeks?Β  Oh yeah, and your teammates are terrible.

Sure, they might be able to trade up in the draft and get two decent players, but they aren't going to get a franchise player like they need and no one is going to trade anyone that they can build a team around to the Timberwolves for expiring contracts or late round picks.

The Nets, on the other hand, have a few solid players in Brook Lopez and Devin Harris, as well as a few players that showed some promise in Terrence Williams and Chris Douglas-Roberts. The Nets are also located in a more attractive city for FAs and play in the Eastern Conference, which is a much less competitive division.

I'm not saying that getting Wall or Turner would have catapulted the Timberwolves into the playoffs since they have Utah, Denver, OKC, and Portland in their DIVISION, but it would have actually gave the fans of Minnesota some hope or a reason to go to the games.

Fans in Minnesota were able to buy tickets for as cheap as $10 this year and were able to walk down to the lower level seats, and there were a lot of people who decided it wasn't even worth the time or money to even watch them. If that doesn't show management how horrible they are then nothing will.

I realize building a playoff contending team can take a couple years and sometimes you need to be patient, but the Timberwolves have been saying this for the past five years and have yet to find a centerpiece or draft anyone of value.

Kahn isn't all to blame because McHale was at fault for the whole Joe Smith incident, trading Roy for Foye, and trading Love for Mayo, but his first draft wasn't exactly good. I realize that people say we couldn't pass on Rubio twice when he was so valuable, but if you are going to draft him he better either play or you need to trade him and get value out of him. But instead Kahn is going to wait it out and HOPE he plays for them in the future.

Flynn has been a huge underachiever so far, but I guess it is hard to be a PG on a team where your options are to drive and hope you get hacked or pass it and run back on defense because you know they aren't going to make it.

Oh yeah, they also traded the best of the three PGs they drafted in Ty Lawson.

If the Timberwolves have any hope in winning their fan base back, they need to realize Al Jefferson isn't good and get rid of him, call Memphis back and ask them if they want Love back for Mayo, resist the urge of drafting Donatas Motlejunas, get the most they can for Rubio, sign a respectable FA or two, and last of all quit re-signing all of their garbage players such as Darko and Gomes.

I know this may sound like a rant but it is ridiculous how badly the Timberwolves have been run, you really have to be an idiot to mess up as many times as they have in the past. I could be wrong though, what do you think? Β Β 


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