Bryan Colangelo Has Meticulously Planned His Own Assassination

Robert Seagal-MisovicCorrespondent IMarch 29, 2010

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Bryan Colangelo has always been a consensus guy, allowing those around him input in decisions he ultimately has to stamp his name on.

He's made numerous mistakes over the past four seasons, but it is a little displeasing that he's been making the same mistake repeatedly, failing to learn, continuing to give the benefit of the doubt to anyone and everyone.

Since 2006, when the "new Chris Bosh" surfaced as a statistically preoccupied, high maintenance prima donna, I've been writing that it would be best to move him.

Colangelo kept giving Bosh the benefit of the doubt. Is it insane to think that had he traded Bosh last year when the writing was just as clear to those around the team as it is today about Bosh's intentions, that he may have netted a far higher return for his disgruntled and disinterested star player?

No, instead of listening to the various people saying this, Colangelo crippled this franchise further midway through last year by making a wink-wink deal with Turkoglu while he was signed with the Magic to come to Toronto in 2009-2010.

But does one not wonder about the character of a player who would make such an agreement while under contract with another team?

Colangelo's biggest mistakes have been keeping Bosh, signing Turkoglu, signing Kapono, re-signing Jose, giving away draft picks like they grew on trees, and refusing to rebuild when it was obvious that this team needed it three years ago.

Furthermore, his evaluation of coaches is terrible. He listened to Wayne Embry and kept Sam Mitchell on as coach, despite the fact that the two were on different pages from day one.

He then signed a coach with even less experience than Mitchell, one who's resume was underwhelming by comparison to other available coaches on the market last summer, and one who was clearly in over his head last season when he ended up coaching the team into an even worse record than Mitchell would have.

Colangelo is becoming a hoarder of NBA garbage. I'm 22 years old, and I didn't have Jerry Colangelo for a father. It was clear to me that re-signing Calderon and Mitchell was a horrible idea, especially at the salaries the two received respectively.

It was obvious Bosh had every intention to leave two seasons ago, and it was clear that he should have been moved.

It was obvious that Calderon wasn't a starting point guard and that his defensive inabilities, as well as offensive limitations, would make him nothing more than a glorified stat-stuffer posing as a starter.

It was obvious that Jermaine O'Neal was washed up. It was obvious that Shawn Marion was completely self-absorbed.

It was obvious that Hedo Turkoglu was a lazy player over-performing in a system designed to make him a star, while he played for a contract; and if it wasn't obvious to every one else, it should have become obvious when Orlando gave him up so easily.

It was obvious that this team wasn't good enough defensively to make any noise in the playoffs, and it was clear from the minute he was anointed a leader that Bosh was never going to be a good one.

It was clear as crystal that this team needed to re-build.

But that's the problem with professional sports. The accountability falls not on ownership or the players, but on the man who puts his name on the dotted line.

There was pressure from MLSE to keep a star player, even if Colangelo may have wished to move him. There was pressure to make the playoffs every year and keep the offseason hype machine on full blast to encourage season ticket renewal, even if Colangelo knew this team was flawed from the very beginning.

I'm not out here to say that I foresee what those who are paid to foresee do not. I'd be very worried if Colangelo was actually the mastermind behind some of these moves.

My only hope is that this team is blown up and built correctly around the players who, at the very least, want to play the right way and for the right reasons.

This team has lacked leadership since the days of Alvin Williams and Dell Curry. Perhaps they may have something between Wright and Jack to fill that void.

They've lacked explosion and creativity on the wing. Maybe with DeRozan, they may actually get what they hoped for.

They've lacked an All-Star who wanted to actually play here since Vince, and maybe with some continued development this offseason, they might get one in Bargnani.

This team, regardless of which era in Raptor history we're talking about, has always mismanaged personalities. They should work tirelessly to bring this trend to an end with DeRozan and the other youngsters they have on this team.

Colangelo has one more season to right this ship, and given that he has exactly one year remaining on his contract, he should do what he feels is best for this team.

I can't help but feel that Triano becoming a coach was a gimmick orchestrated by the bright minds at MLSE. I can't help but feel that the lack of success the Raptors have seen in the past decade is due to confused ownership and a complete lack of organizational direction, starting at the very top.

It's time to give the fans something for their money, their dedication, their time, and passion. It's time to put a winner on the court that plays the right way.

Say what you will about his status as messiah when he entered Toronto, but Colangelo still has much work to do if he's going to be considered the best GM this team has ever seen.

I can't help but think that somewhere, Glen Grunwald is laughing. I'm sure he'll continue to laugh, as he watches Bosh and Carter inducted into the Hall of Fame some day.

Whatever Colangelo does, it has to be fast. Let's hope for the sake of next season though, that it's not too fast.


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