NCAA Tournament Round One Awesome Analysis Updated Round 2

Jeff PencekCorrespondent IIMarch 20, 2010

NEW ORLEANS - MARCH 18:  Dexter Pittman #34 of the Texas Longhorns tries to block the shot of the Wake Forest Demon Deacons L.D. Williams #42 during the first round of the 2010 NCAA mens basketball tournament at the New Orleans Arena on March 18, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  (Photo by Dave Martin/Getty Images)
Dave Martin/Getty Images

Twenty-four hours of basketball in a two-day span can make any man dizzy, and that man's girlfriend motivated to create a match.com profile. After all of this basketball, random ideas and observations come to mind.

1. I've watched at much basketball as I can and have to ask a simple question. Did Duke even play? I didn't see a single second of it.

2. The refereeing in round one has been questionable in key spots. The Robert Morris-Villanova game was out of control, and the end of Michigan State-New Mexico State stunk. Touch fouls, too many calls, and a lane violation that screwed up the second game. A lot of the officials are good and did a solid job. Robert Morris and New Mexico State must wish they got those guys instead.

3. Notre Dame adopted the slowdown technique successfully, until they found a team just as willing to go along with it. Old Dominion looked more comfortable in the 2nd half, and Luke Harangody forced too much in an offense he was not fit for.

4. You shake the window you want. We get it.

5. I'm not a big fan of the uniform court. I miss the idiotic Boise State court with the big horse or other personality. Plus I have to read dark blue font to tell where the game is. I do like putting the arena name on the end court and how Jacksonville's arena name had to try to fit Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena. HSBC Arena was much easier.

6. Fill out your census. Or you will die. I did like how Verne Lundquist laughed when he read the promo and said "I just read what they put in front of me."

7. I get the sense that Jordan Crawford will be dunking on Lebron James sometimes soon in the future. He was awesome in round one.

8. I feel bad for the people who bought New Orleans upper-deck seats thinking they were the best seats available, and then saw 8,000 empty seats.

9. Even with 8,000 empty seats, I'm sure there were at least 4,000 people in the stands that could have played better at the end of overtime than Texas did. Why is Rick Barnes a good coach? Remember, he could only get Kevin Durant to the 2nd round.

10. Wofford just got too tight and fancy at the end, but the game was there for them. Wisconsin should be thrilled to have survived. Considering before them, the last seven 4 and 5 seeds in tournament games in Florida had lost, they should be thrilled.

11. The Craig Bolerjack upset special has transferability. Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the Spero Dedes upset special.

12. The Murray State win was fun, and do you think that Vanderbilt will decline the next No. 4 seed they get?

13. The more I see the commercial, the more I love the blonde in the front at the end of the Intel ad. You only see her for a second, but she is hot. Office hot.

14. Bad prediction number one from my tips article: Verne Lundquist rarely calls upsets. Oops.

15. Bad prediction number two: East Tennessee can keep it within 20. In a half.

16. Bragging point number one: New Mexico State +13 point spread was amazing. I know Michigan State lead by 13 at halftime, but Vegas treated Michigan State like last year's national runner-up team. The team they lost to in the NCAA final, is an underdog in their NIT game.

17. Bragging point number two: for those of you who picked Clemson to do anything, you really need to watch a little more basketball.

18. Fifteen conferences are represented in round two. The path to the Final 4 becomes a little easier for the top seeds, and some Cinderellas get additional airtime. Round 1 worked out pretty well in terms of geographic and conference distribution.

19. If you are a head coach and you think a minor teaching point is a good idea right before round one of the tournament, you need to spend less time on wardrobe and hair and more time on strategy. As an alumnus, I was almost disappointed they won (and not that disappointed that they lost to a bunch of Aussies).

20. Washington should be the poster child of every bubble team that complained about not getting it. Washington won when it was important, and got in, and played well. Great job Huskies. (They just kept winning and now they are in week 2).

21. I have a sense that Syracuse and Pittsburgh are rooting heavily for Kansas State, Kentucky is rooting for Wisconsin and Duke is rooting for Purdue. We are one round away from three teams having huge regional home court advantages. I know Texas A&M lost the last time they had one, but they weren't playing Duke.

22. Georgia Tech owns Oklahoma State. First the 2004 regional, and then round one on Friday. Oklahoma State is a good team that just seems to draw nightmare games in round one.

23. New Mexico and Baylor struggled because they don't have a lot of tournament experience, and Sam Houston State and Montana were live underdogs. Win and advance, and build on the experience. (For New Mexico, that will be next year).

24. I like how Enterprise is now sponsoring weekend nookie trips. The red one or the black one. Both, and the boots, and the cuffs. Enterprise, you wild car rental company.

25. I think Texas A&M will petition the NCAA to play Utah based teams in the first round every year. The committee was sad they couldn't do BYU-Texas A&M 3, so they hired BYU's Utah cousin to under perform.

26. Temple agrees that Cornell probably was better than a No. 12 seed. No conference did horribly in the 1st round but the Big East and Atlantic 10 can't be happy with how their high seeds played.

27. All of the crazy endings on Thursday and Gus Johnson gets relegated to blowouts on Friday. Take solace Gus, the bars are open until 4AM in Buffalo and the chicken finger subs or beef on weck's will ease his pain.

28. One of the No. 2 seeds is going down this weekend, and I sense that none of the No. 2 seeds are happy with the teams that won in round one. Ohio State and Villanova will have to play better or else they are in deep trouble, and Missouri and BYU play an aggressive challenging style. (That prediction took 2 hours to come true. Saint Mary's played inspired ball thousands of miles away from home.)

29. Pittsburgh-Xavier 2, the war continues. Maybe if it was sold as Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati it would sound sexier.

30. Good to see Murray get another gig. I would have liked if the commercial ended with Dr. Dre in a meeting in a Honda Civic.

31. In your face, TJ Sorrentine. I understand the reference back to 2005, but this Syracuse team is so much better, and Vermont was a No. 16 seed after all.

32. While writing this article, Georgetown has allowed 30 more points. At Pittsburgh earlier in the year, Ohio scored 49 points. They almost doubled that against Georgetown. Dikembe Mutombo should be brought in for defense and finger waving coaching.

33. CBS is itching to include Tiger in their Masters promos. You can tell. They haven't pulled the trigger yet. Jack and Arnold hit the ceremonial first ball, and a surprise return. Maybe CBS could go wrestling and have Tiger cut a promo in a luchador mask.

34. Tips for round 2, 10 or 11 top seeds will probably still make the sweet 16, all No. 1 seeds will still be there (unless their name is Kansas) and at least one double digit seed will also make it (or two). Your bracket must be messed up, but there is still plenty of room to win. If you're President Obama or a vast number of people who picked Kansas, not so much. I sense that Bill Self and Kansas will never view Oklahoma City as a positive close to home experience. First Bucknell, now Northern Iowa.


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