Albert Pujols And Major League Baseball Give Back to the Community

Kevin CoreyContributor IMarch 15, 2010

JUPITER, FL - MARCH 01:  First baseman Albert Pujols #5 of the St. Louis Cardinals during photo day at Roger Dean Stadium on March 1, 2010 in Jupiter, Florida.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
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Playing Major League Baseball for a living is a dream many Americans share. Playing the game you love in front of thousands of fans for a living is the ultimate dream job.

One of the amazing parts of being a professional baseball player is the large salaries that these players earn. While the league minimum wage in 2009 was $400,000, most players earn more then that each year. But, where does all of this excess money go?

It pleases me to know that the majority of these MLB players, especially the highest paid ones give back to society with donating part of their salaries to numerous organizations.

When Haiti had a tragic earthquake in January of this year their country was left devastated.

The MLB Players Union donated $1 million dollars to the cause of helping Haiti through their tragic endeavours. Along with this donation, Major League Baseball is involved in numerous other organizations that range from helping Little Leagues across the nation to cancer research.

While Major League Baseball is a company and donate through the company, the most impressive donations are those of the players.

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Albert Pujols, who is know as Major League Baseball's most feared hitter, married his wife who's daughter has down syndrome. He completely embraced her daughter as his own and created a foundation in 2005 to help better the lives of those who live with down syndrome.

This  foundation's web sight also helps the impoverished in Pujols home country of the Dominican Republic. Pujols is a great role model for young children who are baseball fans. He shows everyone how to be a humble man and how give back to those who need the money more then he does.

Albert Pujols is one example of countless other major league players who donate not only money but their time to numerous organizations. I feel this is very special and important, because not only do kids look up to these players but so do many adults.

We can all learn from these players on how to give back to those in need because no matter how much money someone has there is always someone else who needs our help.

Major League Baseball does an amazing job of helping out many communities and the players are all class acts in how they help out those in need.

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