25 Fun Facts About the 2010 NCAA Tournament Bracket

Jeff PencekCorrespondent IIMarch 14, 2010

NEW YORK - MARCH 12: Greg Monroe #10 of the Georgetown Hoyas dribbles the ball as Lazar Hayward #32 of the Marquette Golden Eagles reaches in during the semifinal of the 2010 Big East Tournament at Madison Square Garden on March 12, 2010 in New York City.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

This is an instant analysis and in the next few days we as Americans will waste hours and hours at work analyzing the brackets, while the person who knows nothing about basketball wins the office pool. I just sat through the bracket revealing and these are my thoughts:

1. I know with 9 teams in the tournament that 2 Big East teams have to be on the same side of a region, but someone might want to alert the committee. Notre Dame and Villanova are on the same side of the South, and Marquette and West Virginia are on the same side of the East. Oops. Weird how one side of the East Region has no Big East teams in them. (On second glance there are only 8 Big East teams, and there are none on the side of Kansas either. Somebody did not attend bracket training school).

2. Do you think Vermont brings back TJ Sorrentine during warm-ups to try to psyche out Syracuse? The Orange can get some revenge on 2005.

3. Clemson vs Missouri in Buffalo. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

4. BYU has a path to Salt Lake City. It won't be easy, but they have a path.

5. Cornell has a path to Syracuse. It's only 55 miles.

6. Memo for Pittsburgh, Xavier, Minnesota and Ohio St fans. If you are looking for 1st and 2nd round tickets in Milwaukee, check out Kentucky Wildcats message boards.

7. Maybe Marquette is on the same side of the bracket as West Virginia because the committee thinks they are a West Coast team. Anaheim in 2008, Boise in 2009, San Jose in 2010.

8. Sadly no BYU-Texas A&M III.

9. As a Villanova alum, I get Duke in the same bracket again. Haha. Although Baylor and Richmond could be really tricky.

10. Before the brackets, I said the one 8 seed that could cause nightmares for Duke would be California.

11. Add to the fact that Duke could face Texas A&M in Houston in the sweet 16 and Duke appears ready for another short run.

12. Virginia Tech getting 10 conference wins while Georgia Tech had 7 and the Yellow Jackets get in must hurt. Then again, Longwood, Campbell and UMBC victories don't hold as much weight as they once did.

13. UTEP goes 15-1 in conference and 26-6 and gets a 12 seed. Houston goes 7-9 in conference and 19-15 overall and gets a 13 seed. Conference USA weirdness.

14. Kentucky gets little love for going to New Orleans and Syracuse. They also get a very live dog in East Tennessee St. At least their second round opponents are both in collapse mode.

15. There are 5 non BCS battles in round 1. These games often turn up to be great games, like Western Kentucky-Drake, or Davidson-Gonzaga 2 years ago.

16. Winthrop is 3 years removed from winning a 1st round game. Now they head to Dayton. Lucky them.

17. Fun tidbit as a preview for my tournament predictions articles. The last 6 #4 and #5 seeds that have played in Florida, have lost. Wisconsin and Temple is on high alert.

18. I think Notre Dame and Baylor will get the green beer flowing in New Orleans.

19. The West Coast Conference the last time I checked was on the West Coast. Gonzaga has to play in Buffalo and St Mary's gets to go to Providence.

20. Utah State once again this year has a big geographical advantage. They almost beat Marquette this year. Can they pull the 5-12 upset this year?

21. For all of the teams complaining about not making the tournament, use Washington as an example. They weren't in, and then worked hard to win the automatic bid.

22. No Memphis, UCLA, UConn and North Carolina. The new decade starts much differently from how the last one ended.

23. Jennifer Hudson is the new singer of One Shining Moment. She must have a death wish. Unfortunately the pants on the ground guy was passed over. Remember him?

24. Other interesting teams close to the regionals if they can make it. Sam Houston St is 69 miles from Houston. Texas A&M is 95 miles from Houston. BYU is 45 miles from Salt Lake City. Somehow no team is really close to Kansas City besides Kansas.

25. Predictions on the always fun 5PM games. Thursday in San Jose will be New Mexico vs Montana. Friday in Spokane will be Maryland vs Houston. (0 for 2 on my predictions so far. I am getting all of the misses out of the way)

Either Monday or Tuesday I will bring my Madness to the predictions and help you make smarter picks. I analyze locations, conference history, announcers, time of games, all useless stuff that will make you sound smart, even if you're bracket finishes last.


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