Matt Cooke's Hit On Marc Savard Goes Unpunished By Boston Bruins

Joe GillCorrespondent IIMarch 8, 2010

Sean Connery’s character, Officer Malone, said it perfectly in the 1987 movie, The Untouchables .

“If they put one of yours in the hospital, you put one of theirs in the morgue!”

Granted Matt Cooke isn’t Al Capone, but the Bruins aren’t no Elliot Ness.

How can you not retaliate after your star offensive player, Marc Savard, was clocked by the notorious Matt Cooke?

Cooke, who is a player who has been suspended a multitude of times for cheat shots.

This isn’t your Daddy’s Big Bad Bruins.

If this happened in the days of Terry O’Reilly or even Lyndon Byers, Cooke would be holding his teeth in his hand.

Paging Milan Lucic.

Paging Shawn Thornton.

Paging Steve Begin.

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Paging Claude Julien.

Why didn’t the Bruins coach send one of his “enforcers” to avenge the hit on one of their team leaders?

In baseball, if your slugger gets a ball thrown at him, the opposing team’s hitters will be sure to see some high heat.

In football, if an offensive player is embarrassing you on the field, you blow him up when he comes across the middle to send a message.

Hear that Bruins?

Send a message!

Why were there not bull eyes on the backs of Malkin and Crosby for the remainder of the game?

The Bruins have become a bunch of pushovers. Players like Michael Ryder and yes even Tim Thomas had great vantage points of this blatant attempt to injure their teammate, their brother.

You may be asking yourself, Tim Thomas? Why the hell not? Timmy has a mean streak and this was the time to show it.

The Bruins have become a bunch of Teddy Bears.

The spoked B or should it be the spoked P?

P, which stands for another word for felines.

If the Bruins don’t defend each other and show some bite, teams in the playoffs (if they even make it) will push them around like rag dolls.

It may be time for Cam Neely to come down from the executive box and teach these players what it really means to wear the uniform of the Black and Gold.

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