The Philadelphia Eagles 2010 Season: An Early Conclusion

Leo PizziniAnalyst IMarch 7, 2010

The Eagles officially say they are not rebuilding—that they believe they have a team that needs a few pieces to contend for a championship run—but Many fans feel that the Eagles played well in 2009 against weaker competition and were simply outmatched by the playoff powerhouses that they faced. 

That argument can be substantiated, but it doesn't mean that they are a far cry from beating those teams in 2010.

Currently, there is a national spotlight on the quarterbacks.

Trade rumors surrounding all three quarterbacks and the curiously stern posturing of Andy Reid and the front office leaves fans without direction. Add in three losses, including a shutout and a playoff elimination game to the multi-ring-toting arch-rival Dallas Cowboys, and fans are rabid for better play.

It's been 50 years and the Dawgs in the stands are hungry.

And a legend has left Philadelphia.

All-Pro running back, Brian Westbrook has parted ways with the Eagles. An injury plagued 2009 and 2008 put Westbrook's future on the table. His sizable salary and bonus due in 2010 made a perfect opportunity for the front office to clear a big salary on a risky player without penalty.

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Westbrook is a sentimental favorite of mine and will remain on my extended Eagles' roster until he officially retires. 

I'm going to root for Westbrook in 2010.

The Eagles were riddled with injury in 2009, nowhere more so than the linebackers. Possibly the biggest loss to the team was on the Eagles' flight night when middle linebacker Stewart Bradley suffered his third major knee injury since high school.

The Eagles were so decimated at linebacker that they had to make a midseason trade for Will Witherspoon just to field a team (loosing a nice WR prospect in Brandon Gibson and a 2010 fifth-round pick). Witherspoon came with a bad contract that the Eagles could not renegotiate and he has been released.

Officially, the Eagles cannot speak with Spoon for a week, but they have not ruled out pursuing him at that time.

As free agency rolled out, the entire NFL was gaga for Julius Peppers and Antrel Rolle among others. Those guys are good signings with ridiculous price tags, but they are just not going to make any team anew. 

Peppers would have been nice to have, no doubt.

There are still some interesting free agents on the market, but not many. Truth is, there never were many interesting free agents out there. The draft has a load of talent and I expect the Eagles to make a bigger impact on the playing field with their four picks in the first three rounds.

But, that's still not where it's at.

The Philadelphia Eagles' 2010 season does not weigh in the balance of the quarterbacks, free agency, trades, or the draft. The Eagles need to get healthy and players must step up, mature, and be coached well to win the key games.

There will be new Eagles players in 2010, but the bottom line is:

It matters less, who the Eagles acquire and move (and I do have a laundry list of players I would love to see in Eagles green). Countless teams have come out of oblivion to play their butts off, compete, and win. A veteran or two and some good draft picks will certainly help, but this team wins by being healthy and playing better football with the guys they have.

For better or worse, this is the truth: Hold tight baby boy, it's gonna get a little bit bumpy!

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