Too Much Feelings for Aaron Ramsey?

Daniil Rybkin@https://twitter.com/DaniilRybkin29Contributor IFebruary 28, 2010

STOKE ON TRENT, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 27:  Ryan Shawcross of Stoke City is sent off by Referee Peter Walton for a challenge on Aaron Ramsey of Arsenal during the Barclays Premier League match between Stoke City and Arsenal at The Britannia Stadium on February 27, 2010 in Stoke on Trent, England.  (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

The game Stoke City vs. Arsenal ended with a score of 1:3, but that's not the only thing that ended that match.

Aaron Ramsey received a harsh tackle from a Stoke City defender Ryan Shawcross, after the tackle Ramsey fell on the ground from a terrific and disgusting double fracture in his right leg.

Later, he was was stretchered off the field into an ambulance and hospitalized, where he was confirmed to have broken his Tibia and Fibula.

All of this sounds like a nightmare for all of the soccer fans and especially Arsenal fans, but why should we make such a big scene from the stuff that happens in soccer almost every day.

Some people might say that it's not an everyday thing and that we should act sorry for Ramsey and pray that he'll be alright for next year season.

Other people say that it's not a big deal and we should leave those stuff behind and concentrate on the news that happened today rather then the ones that passed us already. 

So who should we follow in this situation, people who are praying for Ramsey or the ones that kept going and talk about the "fresh" news?

In my opinion we shouldn't pick any of those two and go somewhere in the middle, that almost makes us isolated. Right now, people are just too "hyper" about a new, fresh injury that rocked all of the sports news in the world.

My advice is to keep calm and not give a lot of fuss about Ramsey, he's a poor guy but he chose his own path into professional soccer, he agreed to the harsh rules of soccer by going out on the field.

Soccer or futbol is a contact sport and we all know that those kind of sports are the most gruesome and harsh games in the world.


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