Allen Iverson Could Be Playing for a Contender This Season

Dwayne MontellCorrespondent IFebruary 28, 2010

March 1 is the NBA's last date for a player to be waived off a team and rumor has it that the Sixers might be waiving Allen Iverson. Iverson is on his second leave of absence to take care of his ailing 4-year-old daughter Messiah.

Some people actually questioned if this was true and said that Iverson would not leave the team if he was averaging 25 ppg and getting 40 mpg and they say that he is leaving now because he is not happy with the amount of touches, minutes, and shots he is getting.

Those limited shot attempts, minutes and touches have lead to career low averages of 13.8 ppg and 4.0 apg. Iverson's amazing career averages are also going to take a hit if he keeps playing at this rate. Worst of all, the Sixers are out probably not going to make the playoffs and Iverson isn't happy with sacrificing his stats to finish 10th in the East and play behind guys that used to be afraid of him and followed his lead three years ago.

It was nice to see Iverson back in Philadelphia playing for the Sixers but the team is no longer built around him and if the coach says they are running a structured Princeton offense than Iverson has to listen, especially after the brutal campaign's in Detroit and Memphis where Iverson has made people think that he is a cancer to have on a team and is too much of a distraction.

But one thing people forget is that just a year and a half ago Iverson wanted to win a championship more than anything. But Iverson had to bring his goals very low in the past year. After playing for Detroit and not being accepted by the team Iverson's goal became to play in a happy situation.

He got that in Philly but you could see from Iverson's body language that he wasn't happy sacrificing his stats and minutes for the team he controlled just 3 years ago. So it does make you wonder if Iverson is overrating his daughter's illness. 

Iverson didn't really play bad since returning to Philly because he was just trying to prove to the league that he can fit in and he did that. With just 10 shots a game and in just about 30 mpg while running arguably the most structured offence in basketball Iverson still managed to average 14 points a game.

Iverson missed the Grizzlies training camp this year because he had a hamstring injury and he was in and out of the lineup for Philly because of a knee injury. Iverson missed a lot of games for the Sixers and now that he is on his second leave of absence the Sixers maybe ready to waive Iverson and Iverson will probably agree considering his daughters health is getting worse.

But Iverson needs to meet with them and get himself waived before Monday if he wants to because than he won't be able to sign with another team all year.

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If his daughters health gets better than who knows Iverson maybe playing for a contender by playoff time. Iverson has proven that he can fit in and sacrifice his stats.

Iverson played a very team oriented game with the Sixers this season and that was for a losing squad which at one point was 14th place in the Eastern Conference so Iverson would probably have no problem fitting in with a team that could win a championship.

It would be nice to see Iverson getting 30 minutes a night for a contending team late in the season. Iverson could also help a team that is a player away from being an elite team. He can help a lot of teams still but would they take Iverson?

The first team that comes to mind is the Celtics. This team has been bitten by injuries all year long and Iverson would be the perfect player to come in and rescue this team. Lately the Celtics have been struggling and many are saying that the Celtics glory days are already over because of the teams health.

The C's have been playing without toughness and killer instinct lately and Iverson would be the perfect player to give them that toughness and killer instinct plus he can still score the ball. Iverson could give the Celtics the spark they are missing. 

Another team that could really use Iverson is the Miami Heat. The Heat are currently 8th in the Eastern Conference and are a player away from being a top-five team in the East because they have Dwyane Wade and any team that has a player as good as Wade can contend if it has the right players around him.

Wade really wanted Iverson in the off season but it did not happened then now the opportunity could come up again and Iverson and Wade could form a back court that can surprise a lot of people come playoff time. 

How about the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs still have a great big three with Duncan, Parker and Manu Ginobli. This season they have been sort of lost and are currently sitting at seventh in the West and are missing something. What if Iverson was the starting two guard for the Spurs with Manu coming off the bench for him.

The Spurs would get 18 more points a night and six assists if Iverson was given Ginobli like minutes and the Spurs could possibly go back to the Western Conference Finals this season.

Many teams could use Iverson but those three come to mind right away. Some other teams that are a player away from contending with the Cavs and Lakers are the Raptors, Jazz and what if the Nuggets brought Iverson back? He would fit in perfectly with that team considering he was putting up 26.4 ppg and 7.2 apg just a two seasons ago for them.

The Raptors could use another scorer and veteran that can still give you 20 in his sleep if given the right offence. Would the Lakers be a lock to win it all if they picked up Iverson?

There are a lot of teams that are in need of a player that can give them that swagger and toughness that Iverson brings. Also who wouldn't want a guy that can get you 20 points in his sleep. Iverson could be playing for a contender this season if he is waived by Monday and it would be the feel good sports story of the year if he helped a team get to the Conference Finals or even the Finals. 

Think about the Spurs with Iverson playing 33 mpg and giving them 18-20 points a night or the Celtics getting that same spark from Iverson. Even the Jazz could do some damage in the playoffs with Iverson on the squad playing the same team oriented game he has been playing with the Sixers all year. 

If Iverson is waived by the Sixers by Monday than Iverson will get his final chance to go out with a bang or even a championship and that would be the feel good sports story of the year considering all the stuff hes gone through in the past year and a half.

There are a lot of great teams that still having questions being asked bout them and nobody knows how far some of these teams can go. 

Allen Iverson can be the "Answer" to those questions.


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