Why Gasol is Overrated:Lakers Lose to Mavericks 101 To 96

Tommy RossCorrespondent IFebruary 25, 2010

First I would like to say by no means am I setting this loss solely upon the shoulders of Gasol. One does wonder what happen to the other guy that was wearing Gasol's jersey last week.

In a game as important as this one 11 points and 6 rebounds just isn't going to cut it from your second best player. Your not in Madrid any more Dorothy, here in America basketball is a man's game.

It gets physical down low and with a poor shooting night from Kobe, Gasol has to step up. In Kobe's absence Gasol was playing lock down defense, he had two back to back 5 block games and was averaging high double doubles throughout Kobe's stint on the sideline.

Now Pau is playing like he belongs on the sidelines. Thanks to the re-emergence of Mr. Jekyll and Hyde himself Lamar Odom, and a late burst from Kobe the Laker's were able to draw within striking distance.

Sadly Kobe couldn't save us this time, but there is always next game since I am almost certain this scenario will play itself out again.

 I know Fisher had a terrible night also shooting 3-13 but I expect that from him. In my opinion Jordan Farmar should of replaced Fisher in the starting line up long ago

The reason why I'm giving Gasol so much grief is because he's giving so much credit for the Lakers success but when he is needed in the games most crucial moments he folds.

Am I disappointed that Kobe couldn't save us this game? Very much so, like the rest of the Lakers I've come accustomed to him doing it, I guess one can say I'm a bit spoiled.

 Let this be a warning to the Lakers staff from the GM down to Mbenga. It isn't normal to win as many games in the waning seconds that you guys have won this year. Kobe just makes it look that way.

They cannot depend on Kobe to continue to hit game winner after game winner. Take the Cavs for example they've only won one game off a game winner and the shot was hit by Anderson "Flop" Varejao.

 Lebron is able to play his game free of pressure because he has a team effort on the defensive end and he isn't called upon day in and day out to save his team from certain defeat.

As talented as Pau is I think the Lakers would of been better complimented by his brothers services.

At least he hasn't forgotten the meaning of "power" when it comes to the forward position.


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