Crisis at The IZOD Center; Nets Fans Becoming Desperate

Chris Dela Rosa@chris_deezyContributor IFebruary 22, 2010

With the All-Star break over many New Jersey Nets fans are just hoping for some savior to come along and help their franchise during the 2010 off-season.  They might get John Wall or a star free agent like Joe Johnson, Chris Bosh, LeBron James, or Dwayne Wade.  The season just passed the halfway mark and for the Nets, they are on track to have the worst record in the NBA.  Winning only 8 percent of their games and sitting at 5-51, there are no words to describe how terrible the nets are except for terrible.

As if things could not get any worst than they already are, it is likely that fans will choose to no longer attend the games, and that is the case.  Averaging about 13, 000 fans a game, nobody wants to games anymore.  For some Nets fans that have never had a chance to go to multiple games in a season, this half of the season is a great chance for those people to attend a NBA game for college prices.  

Fans who have tickets no longer want their tickets and are willing to sell at any price.  Ticket prices on some fan marketplace sites have tickets that are now starting from 0.99$.  An example of this would be for the game against the Sacramento Kings tickets in the second tier where you could easily move up to a better seat cost $.89 each.  To sit in the first row in the second tier only costs $5.

For those who are not Nets fans, and don't want to see them play teams like the Kings and Pistons, tickets against the Heat, Suns and Spurs are only starting at $2.

The remaining home schedule for the Nets goes as follow:

2/23: Portland Trailblazers

2/28: Washington Wizards

3/3: Cleveland Cavaliers (Starting Price=$25)

3/5: Orlando Magic

3/16: Atlanta Hawks

3/20: Toronto Raptors

3/22: Miami Heat

3/24: Sacramento Kings

3/26: Detroit Pistons

3/29: San Antonio Spurs

3/31: Phoenix Suns

4/3: New Orleans Hornets

4/9: Chicago Bulls

4/12: Charlotte Bobcats


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