The Sad State of the Philadelphia 76ers

Walt HaleyContributor IFebruary 22, 2010

Two weekends ago was the All-Star basketball game and the trade deadline has past. We all know each and every All-Star game is a complete joke, but basketball really draws a crowd. It is an event.

How crazy is it that the only representative of the Sixers was Allen Iverson? That is how freaking bad this team is. Not that they are terrible, terrible; they are just PAINFUL to watch.

They don’t have one marketable player on the roster. 

This has led the Waltdog to not watch one second of the All-Star Game. I think the NBA is a bad product right now (not only because the Sixers stink).

I think the revenue stream would agree with me. David Stern was quoted as saying the NBA was set to lose $400 million dollars this year, and have lost at least $200 million dollars a year under the current collective bargaining agreement.

Even though the NBA has possibly the best talent of all time, there is an aura of blahness to the game.

I wrote an article awhile back about changes the NBA could make, and avid NBA fans blasted it, replying the NBA was a good product. The financial state of the NBA begs to differ.

The new collective bargaining agreement is on the horizon. The NBA cannot afford a holdout. It is already losing fans by the minute; it may not recover from a holdout.

Contracts are too long and the majority of players are not living up to them. Teams are in salary cap hell for too long, and those cities' fan bases know that there is not hope on the Horizon. I honestly feel the set-for-life contracts these players receive cheapens the game. Human nature dictates these kids don't have to play as hard when you're not playing for your keep.

That brings me to the shady David Stern. I wouldn’t be surprised if he forced Memphis to trade Pau Gasol to the Lakers, and I would not be surprised if he is forcing teams to trade expiring contracts to the Knicks

He wants the Knicks to acquire both Dwyane Wade and LeBron James next year (or Chris Bosh and LeBron James). 

He has a vested interest in making the two largest markets the most marketable franchises on the planet. 

I wish he would think that highly of the Sixers. I cannot even remember when the Sixers were considered a dynasty. I was so young. 

The 2001 run was awesome, but it was a flash in the pan. It was made up of aging players that knew Larry Brown’s system. Even Larry Brown saw the writing on the wall and got out of dodge. 

The Sixers have been making puzzling moves ever since, getting them in the salary cap hell that they are in now—hello, Samuel Dalembert. Ah, how I pine for the days of Hershey Hawkins. 

This is how bad it is to be a Sixers fan; I know as a parent that I cannot force my kids to be fans of the teams that I follow. I would push them in the direction of the Philadelphia teams. Example: In order for them to not get put into a boarding school, they will have to love the Eagles, the Phillies and the Flyers. If they like another team in that sport, they better hide it, because it will be off to North Dakota for them! 

You know what stinks? At this point, I would be okay with them not being a Sixers fan. That is how bad the organization is currently being run. 

I, like any true sports fan, love everything about the home town. 

I think if you are from a major city with sports teams, you should passionately support those teams, no ifs, ands, or butts (he-he butts). You shouldn’t even have another choice.

If you grew up in Philadelphia and you like the Yankees, the Dodgers, the Cowboys, the Steelers, the 49ers, the  Canadiens, or the Red Wings—you are a front-running, bandwagon hopper. Don’t even tell me otherwise. This is very common in Philly as these five percenters are very vocal.

“Oh, I started liking them before they were good.”  Stop it!

I live and die Philly sports, just like 95% of the city does. This sums up how much the Sixers suck:

As long as my kids aren’t Lakers, Celtics, or Knicks fans, I would actually be okay with them liking another team. That is not a good sign for the Sixers. They are unwatchable. 

There isn’t one Sixer on the current roster I want to go and see. 

Earlier in the season, they were in prime losing position to get a high lottery pick. You know what they do to combat that? They started winning. 

They keep winning now, too. They can’t even lose the right way. They even screw up screwing up! Ladies and Gentleman: your 2010 Philadelphia 76ers!

I would have like to see them trade Andre Iguodala, then lose the rest of their games and get into serious consideration for the John Wall sweepstakes. 

They are blowing that chance now, too.

Seriously, why are they winning? To try and get themselves the eighth seed and get swept by LeBron James in the first round? Or maybe to just miss the last playoff spot and get the 14th pick in the draft.   

They will be in hell for the next decade. Maybe Ed Stefanski is in a little over his head and their head coach, Eddie Jordan, doesn’t have a clue. 

I have to stop talking about this; it is only making me mad.

I am going to go into my garage, slice open the three deflated basketballs that are in there, cut some eye holes in them, and start wearing them as hats.

The Sixers blow. 

At least baseball is around the corner. 

I just need someone other than the Lakers or Celtics to win the NBA finals. 


It is bad when you are depending on that city for ANYTHING!


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