Breaking Trends: Why Freddy Adu Is the Greatest American Soccer Player Ever

Angel MedinaContributor IFebruary 21, 2010

There seems to be a trend with American "soccer experts” coming to a conclusion that Freddy’s best days are far behind him.

One popular blogger (who will remain nameless) recently wrote him off as one of the biggest flops of all time…Of all time! At 20 years old!

Another fellow writer, who will also remain nameless (Zac Lee Rig , writes for Goal.com) recently mentioned on his blog; “I like the guy's vision and unique skill set, but still don't know how one would cram him into a structured and physical Bob Bradley team. Plus, do two goals in two games erase the last several years of mediocrity?”

I don’t understand, why all the anti-Freddy bravado? Did I miss something in the last 16 years? Or am I missing something that is happening right now?

Did Geoff Cameron or Robbie Rogers do something great that I wasn’t aware of? Did we stock pile dozens of play-making midfielders and attack-minded forwards in MLS at any point in the last four years?

Is John O’Brian working on a comeback? Is Clint Mathis gaining an extra 10lbs and getting a mohawk in time for June? What am I missing here?

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When did we, a young soccer nation, become so accomplished that we started knocking one of the best athletes to ever put on the jersey for his failures overseas?

Oh wait, what am I saying, we seem to do that quite often.

Need I mention, Landon Donovan on his attempts in the Bundesliga?

I mean really, this kid has proven that he can carry an U17, U20, and Olympic team on his back! I can’t think of any other American player that was ever able to do this. Not Landon, not Dempsey, not Bocanegra, not Reyna…

This kid has had more solid games at his age than any other player in the US at the age of 19.

Why shouldn’t he get a call up to the team? You cannot honestly believe that:

  • Kyle Beckerman
  • Geoff Cameron
  • Brad Davis
  • Brad Evans
  • Eddie Gaven
  • Dax McCarty
  • Robbie Rogers
  • Conor Casey
  • Jeff Cunningham
  • Robbie Findley
  • Benny Feilhaber
  • Jermaine Jones
  • Chris Pontious
  • Marcus Tracy

posses more upside than Adu on a world stage? (with all due respect)

By the way, you can throw Demarcus Beasley in that list.

Aris FC will be facing AEK Athens later today and, if Freddy can continue to impress, I will personally start an online petition to try and get this kid a chance to play and The Netherlands, will it work?


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